Sunday Sleep In ~ “Evocación” ~ Arturo Sandoval.

An absolutely stunning piece written by Papa Molina, beautifully arranged and conducted by his son Jose Antonio Molina and played with precision by the Miami Latin Pops Orchestra and Sandoval.

Seems everything Arturo touches turns to platinum and beyond. The very reason hundreds of his own compositions has gained him so many tv & movie scores. Nominated 19 times for the Grammy awards taking home 10 of them, 1 Emmy, multiple Billboard awards and a 2013 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom award.

From the mid 70’s to the present his discography is endless, a true Cuban masterpiece not only being a highlight of the finest Latin Jazz but the finest of music period.

Evocación takes you into a ecstasy of seduction.


Arturo Sandoval



Written by Ramón Antonio Molina Pacheco aka Papa Molina.

Arranged & Conducted by Jose Antonio Molina.

Arturo Sandoval – flugelhorn, trumpet.
Miami Latin Pops Orchestra – instrumentation.


Arturo Sandoval trumpet


Arturo Sandoval_Grammy


Latin Jazz


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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Fragile” ~ Kenny Barron Trio

Kenny Barron does a beautiful arrangement of this song written by Sting as with everything he plays. From the 1994 release “The Moment” it was the only song on the album that wasn’t his own composition. As usual a pleasant bliss.


Kenny Barron

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Jockey TD Houghton Returns Like A Warrior, Wins First Race Back At Hazel Park.

Terry Houghton first Mount Back

Picture courtesy of Dave Mersey (click onto twice for full resolution).

From leg up aboard Unbridled Isabel the number 1 of the second race Terry was all business. Cheers from not only me but everyone around the paddock his only focus was totally on the race at hand and who would expect anything different from this professional.

It was one excited crowd that showed up Friday night to see this native hometown jockey of Hazel Park return to the sport of thoroughbred racing. I think even more so for those of us who have worked this industry as well for we know, once horses are in your blood they never leave.

And that’s a good thing. It’s a passion for life and TD wasted no time as he brought his horse across the wire for the win, his first race back. Thousands yelled him home then tears welled up in our eyes so happy for him.

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Jockey T.D. Houghton Back In The Saddle Friday at Hazel Park Raceway.

Jockey Terry D. Houghton

The second race of Friday nights card will be Terry Houghton’s first race since his injury that took place at Moutaineer Park’s opener on March 1, 2014 when his mount went down.

This man has taken a pounding over his long career but has remained diligent at working as hard as he can to come back to what he loves, riding thoroughbreds. His heart is as big as the horses he rides, believe me I know. Whether in career or personal this man is genuine and compassionate and that’s why he among the winning-est jockeys.

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Sunday Soul Sacrifice ~ WOODSTOCK FOREVER.

Woodstock 1969

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Oh Captain! My Captain! … as my tears flow. In Memory of Robin Williams.

O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the bleeding drops of red,
Where on the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,
For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding,
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
Here Captain! dear father!
This arm beneath your head!
It is some dream that on the deck,
You’ve fallen cold and dead.

My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still,
My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will,
The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done,
From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won;
Exult O shores, and ring O bells!
But I with mournful tread,
Walk the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

How profound now these words are.

I felt like a ton of bricks had fallen upon me when the news broke of Robin Williams death.

It doesn’t feel real, I don’t want it to be real. I thought the death of James Gandolfini last year had affected me, my God … Robin Williams has floored me.

I sat in front of the TV for hours and hours to see and hear everything I could, tonight things taped still not seen. I needed a break. I feel like an OD victim so overwhelmed and grief-stricken.

Where James Gandolfini was an exceptional actor and also a devout supporter of our troops, he only came into my world with the onset of The Soprano’s. But Robin, I was a Johnny Carson Tonight Show junkie. I don’t think I missed a show from 16 years-old on unless hospitalized when sick and probably not even then.

On July 25th my right eye went blurred and seeing double, I haven’t posted a thing since the 24th, MRI/MRA later and awaiting results I had to write something to pay homage to a man who brought so much joy, laughter, tears to everyone else’s life. I had to gather my thoughts but so hard to do because it still hasn’t sunk in that Robin is really gone now from this life. It just does not seem like reality, on the other hand beyond way too much reality, more like a nightmare we all want to just wake up from. Because Robin Williams was the life of everybody’s party.

His first appearance on the Tonight Show was hysterical and every appearance after. I had never seen anybody who could just do spot on improv and be that outrageous the way he could.


Robin Williams first appearance with Johnny Carson_The Tonight Show


When you could make Carson laugh until tears ran down his face you knew this man would be a star, but then I never imagined to what degree or magnitude that he would become.

His comedic genius was only the beginning, the acting was phenomenal whether comedy or drama. The passion of some of his characters would leave you speechless.

The first movie that really caught my eye was Good Morning, Vietnam and saw the perfect intertwine of the two in one role but the movie that would captivate me was Dead Poets Society, thus the intro to this blog.

A particular scene that had a very young Ethan Hawke in-which he finally breaks through that very shy, weary, reluctant to stand before anyone to speak student and brings out the character to not only recite but shines like a neon light doing it.

It had me in tears when he finally opened his eyes now silent with his classmates clapping. I thought then that Robin should have won the academy award for this role of the teacher. So many other scenes throughout this entire film.

Then in Awakenings, the same compassion he had in life came across the screen as well. The character so moving, I couldn’t distinguish who was the doctor or Robin, both one and the same.

Every film, every TV show, every charity telethon, every performance this man gave his all. It poured out of him as natural as a baby dolphin just being born and swims.

Robin Williams was a talent that you will never see again. It’s a once in a lifetime shot. He had it all and that is why I along with millions and millions of his fans sit stunned while grieving to tears and wonder what was going through his mind before his end came. He was so loved.

Such a talented yet torchered soul. He approached comedy with a blazing wit, sadly whatever had entered his mind negatively at that point also came over him so quick he reacted the same.

How I wish for that moment he had stumbled.

We are devastated & heartbroken Robin, all of us. Your family, friends, troops, sick children and fans you touched so deeply.

For now the laughter has gone silent, it has left us as you have left the world but it will be momentarily for it would be a sin and a disregard for all you have done to never laugh again. That’s not what you have wanted for you lived to make us laugh.

I wish we could have helped you as much as you did for us when we needed cheering up when one of your movies came on. Our troubles for that time would leave us. All we can do now is look to Heaven to see you are free.

After all you did for us it is the least we can do for you.

Hoping you find the peace elsewhere you could never seem to totally find here.

We will miss your presence but you will still entertain and make us both laugh and cry with your undying talent.

Thank You for everything, you will be in our hearts remembered forever.

Oh Captain! My Captain!


Robin Williams_Dead Poets Society


Dead Poets Society


Golden Globe for Dead Poets Society.

Robin Williams Golden Globes


Robin Willians and Jonathan Winters


Robin Williams_Awakenings



Robin Williams with Oscar




Robin Williams & Troops


Out of all the stars to comment, Michael J. Fox words captured it best.

“Famously kind, ferociously funny, a genius and a gentle soul. What a loss.’


Amen and God Speed.

Robin Williams_Good Morning Vietnam




In Remembrance_Robin Williams


In Memory of Robin Williams


Never seen such an outpouring.


Robin Williams Star In Remembrance


Robin Williams In Remembrance


Robin Williams


To be continued….



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Thursday Throwdown ~ “The Trumpet Battle” ~ Roy Eldridge & Charlie Shavers.

If this don’t leave you with a….Damn! You just don’t like Jazz or Real Music!

Charlie Shavers composed this piece. The band recorded this whole album entitled of the same name on September 13, 1952 at Carnegie Hall, New York City.

I only wish it was longer, like the almost 13 min. rendition of Benny Goodman’s Sing, Sing, Sing in 1938.

All the horns lit up on this one.

A classic Jazz Jam with an outstanding line up…


Roy Eldridge, Charlie Shavers, Lester Young ‎– The Trumpet Battle 1952

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Romance” ~ Gerald Wilson Orchestra

Unmistakably Gerald. Gerald_Wilson

Creating music now for 75 years. Sept. 4 he will be 96 years young. Having had the privilege to have seen him at work multiple times at the Detroit Jazz Festival and with the audience helped to celebrate his 92nd in 2010, I pray I get another chance to see him again.

A beautiful soul who has shared his absolute talent and gift of outstanding masterpieces of jazz.

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Johnny Winters Gig In Heaven, Jamming Forever.

Johnny Winters


Again it is with great sadness that another great gigantic talent of the Woodstock era has left us. More than that Johnny was among the Blue’s best guitarists.

The song playing just has some great memories attached to it. It was on the juke box of my tribe of freak friends favorite coney island hangout in the early 70s. It seemed every single group that walked in played it thus we got to hear it over & over. We never got sick of hearing that ripping intro Johnny was famous for…Rock and Roll!!!

Over the years he never slowed down, he just kept turning one generation after the next on to the blues. A passionate flame that would never go out. Not even now or until the end of time, the blues that blistered out of him like lightning from Woodstock on will burn bright.

Got to know brother Edgar is hurting real bad right now but he has plenty of company. My heart goes out to him and the rest of his family, friends and fans. He was a very instrumental part of one of the best era’s for R&R and a blues revival ever witnessed & heard.

Johnny Winters has left the earth but not our minds, ears or hearts. He will be remembered forever.

God Speed


Johnny Winters_In Memory

Johnny Winters_Fillmore East

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In Memory of Charlie Haden~ “Goodbye”



This song is on what will sadly now be Charlie’s final album, its title “Last Dance” with Keith Jarrett. Ironically released just one month ago on June 13, 2014 and the very last track. Running time 9:08.

The actual recording was made in 2007 at the home studio of Jarrett, also released by ECM in 2010 off of the album, “Jasmine”.

Two songs from Last Dance were alternate versions, Goodbye being one of them, innovated a bit slower. The rendition playing is the 2010 release as the latter rendition hasn’t been posted as of yet.

I just featured him along with Kenny Barron on June 8th on a Sunday Sleep In blog. “Twilight Time”.

That’s all he needed, piano & bass. In reality he alone could have made all the music in the world.

What an astounding talent. Charlie’s bass lit up a million rooms, Jazz has certainly lost another gem. His life will live on forever through the endless masterpieces he created.

Heaven just received another grand player, we get to relish in his memory.

God keep you Charlie.

Play Well……

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “The Island” ~ Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan

Beautiful rendition of Ivan Lin’s & Vitor Martins song Começar de Novo (Starting Over) with english lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman that would become “The Island”.

As with everything “Sassy” sang she did it with pure relentless emotion, her passion came pouring through out of this piece the way seduction and romance was meant to be.

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Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ “Breach Of Lease” ~ Bloodrock



This Fort Worth, Texas band absolutely rocked as big as any other band that came out of the early 70s and lead singer Jim Rutledge had an awesome set of pipes.

DOA got them the most notoriety but this one was still always one of my favorites. They toured and opened for many more well known groups of that era.

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Thoroughbred Horse Racing Back In Metro/Detroit Friday June 27th!

I’ve made no secret how I feel about Hazel Park Raceway’s group. From the owners to their pin up boy. But make no mistake it is the Michigan Horseman’s Benevolent and Protection Association who have paid for the racing surface conversion and barn area renovation. 350 stalls ain’t much but it’s enough to get the thoroughbreds back on the track.

Pinnacle should have went on, the State Of Michigan made sure it didn’t. Again Governor Snyder RE-INSTATE our Office Of Racing Commissioner.

Again to reiterate for the millionth time.

Before the word Lottery or Casino was ever heard it was Horse Racing that generated $400 Million dollars a year for the State.

Give this Industry not only the respect it Deserves but what it has Earned.





Friday’s Entries at Hazel Park.

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Fathers Day



The greatest Italian singer to ever come out of Hoboken, New Jersey.

My Dad loved the other one as well but this was the one who was playing in every Italian household of my Dad’s generation while the gravy was cooking.

Jimmy Roselli.

Sinatra might have wrecked this man’s career worthy of his voice, we know in a prize fight Roselli would have scored a first round knock out.


Jimmy Roselli

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Twilight Song” ~ Charlie Haden and Kenny Barron

Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron

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California Chrome Injured Out Of The Gate At Belmont And There Went History.

#3 Matterhorn stepped on California Chrome out of the gate.

California Chrome Belmont Start

California Chrome Belmont Injury

If you don’t think this hurt think again. This poor horse was running on three legs instead of four.


But all of us in the horse racing business know that anything can happen in a race. On this occasion though it is more than sad because this injury alone could have cost California Chrome history.

Imagine a chunk getting taken out your heel down to the bone. Could you run a mile and a half? or a few yards for that matter. You know these horses are made out of flesh and blood like us.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the pain this horse withstood throughout the race was horrendous. I now pray it doesn’t turn out to be a quarter crack which can get quite serious.

And say what you will about owner Steve Coburn, NBC’s antics were infuriating.

You don’t rush in just seconds after the conclusion of a race to get a comment of any owner who has just lost a race much less one that was one leg away from winning the triple crown, especially a new owner that just entered racing.

This was a dream story, a couple of non millionaires who took a shot. Yes they very well knew how the triple crown worked before hand nevertheless Coburn at the heat of that particular moment spoke strictly out of pure heartbreaking emotion and I can’t begrudge him for it.

Yes he had a point that fresh horses who hadn’t run in the first two legs didn’t to have to endure the same, but again this has always been the triple crown history that all of the past winners have had to go through and face the same.

Usually the network having these three races would focus on the winning connections not immediately go to the loser, even if they had won the first two legs. To me this was like almost antagonizing Chrome’s owner.

Equally disturbing was the furthering of the matter by Bob Costas who I thought had a lot more class, by asking the winning owner right after the trophy presentation reciting Coburn’s words of it being the cowards way out and what he thought of that?

What in the world was he expecting as a response and what purpose did it serve on the live broadcast.

NBC should be ashamed of themselves. To me totally unprofessional and classless stooping to this level.

The Belmont has always been the ultimate test, a grueling mile and a half of the horse and strategy of the jockey. To go right to the lead in this distance you had better have some gas left in the tank and have a couple of extra kicks.

Victor Espinoza once out of the gate after what occurred made the decision to rate him and with no visible hole opening up it forced him to go 4 wide. In reality after seeing the picture of Chrome’s hoof, I wonder what he would have done on all four.

In my mind he is the champion that is. Whether it was this injury or simply the added distance, California Chrome placing 4th showed he has the heart.

You cannot take the KY Derby away from him nor the Preakness and we will always wonder if this injury hadn’t happened could he have indeed won the Belmont and made history. Sadly we will never know but again that is horse racing.

Now there is only one word on my mind. The Travers.

Not that he has anything more to prove to anyone, but if Chrome has healed completely with no complications what so ever, I’d like to see him & Tonalist run this race. If for anything to ease Steve Coburn’s mind.

Again only if Chrome is 1,000% because no race is worth anything happening to this worthy noble champion.

I applaud California Chrome!


We Still Love You California Chrome


California Chrome_Belmont 2014


To Be Continued….

Update: June 9, 2014

Co-Owner of California Chrome Steve Coburn Apologizes. ‘Ashamed’ of Angry Rant After Belmont Loss.

Steve Coburn, the co-owner of California Chrome today reined in his disappointment over losing the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown and said he was “very ashamed” and “was wrong” for his post-race rant.

“I need to apologize to the world and America,” Coburn said today on “Good Morning America.“ “I wanted it so much for this horse to win the Triple Crown for the people of America and I was very emotional, very emotional.”
“I sincerely apologize,” he said.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams” ~ Hampton Hawes


A very young Scott LaFaro with Hampton Hawes on this album, sadly he would die just three years later in 61′ at the age of 25 from a car accident. Hawes would be arrested as the feds were going after jazz musicians with drug problems hoping they would give up the names of their dealers in LA. Hawes wouldn’t give up anybody and they threw a unheard of 10 yr. sentence at him.

Thankfully President John F. Kennedy would end up pardoning him in 63′ and the music then continued until his sudden death in 77′ at the age of 48.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “But Beautiful” ~ Don Sleet Quintet

What is wrong with this picture, the title of this song cannot even define this obscure trumpeter enough. But look at the rest of the players on this album.

Jimmy Heath on tenor sax, Wynton Kelly on piano, Ron Carter on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums.

All major known jazz artists except Don Sleet.

At the moment I have no hearing impairment but this guy wasn’t just good, he was great. So what happened?

One album is all he got. “All Members” Released in 1961.

What a damn shame to just sweep this jazz great’s tone under the rug, never ever gaining the recognition he deserved.

I encourage you to look at the entire album, one composition Sleet’s own “Fast Company” blazed. All I can say is he more than belonged.

Sadly Sleet died at the age of just 48 from cancer in 1986.


Don Sleet_Jazz Trumpeter

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New study showing meditation for combat soldiers PTSD.

New study showing combat veterans benefit from meditation.

When I saw this last weekend on the ABC weekend world news all I could think of was the 1970 movie “Tribes”.




Isn’t this what Jan-Michael Vincent’s character Adrian did to get him through those grueling exercises all while smiling, then teaching it to the rest of the platoon?


So what is so new about this?

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Wednesday When It Was Music ~ Jerry Vale ~ Al di là (Beyond)


July 8, 1930 – May 18, 2014
Riposa In Pace and God keep you Paisan. You’ll never be forgotten.

Originally posted on Longshot's Blog:

Written in 1961 by Labati Carlo Donida – Music
Giulio Rapetti aka Mogol – Lyrics

View original 599 more words

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California Chrome … Two Down One To Go … On To New York.

2014 Preakness Start


I began watching this race sitting, by the half mile I was standing and yelling at the TV…Gooooo…. Goooo… Goooo… Stay Safe… Goooo ….Goooo. Open Up. Then Yeah, Yeah, Yeah …across the wire and let out another scream Whew!!! Yeah Baby, Yeah! LOL

That’s a Triple Crown Race people and a horse racing lover. We dream of that moment, first leg, second leg and now the praying really begins.

This is a dream story as I stated on my KY Derby Blog.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Quiet Earth” ~ Renee Rosnes

Renee Rosnes


This Canadian native started out with saxophonist Joe Henderson in 1986 and from there has become one of jazz’s best pianist, composer & arranger.

She went on to Wayne Shorter’s band, JJ Johnson’s Quintet then in 1989 embarked on a 20 year stint with James Moody until his passing in 2010 all while producing and releasing her own albums as a leader during and after.

A part of the 2004 Inaugural Concert Tour of SFJAZZ Collective a new jazz ensemble along with 7 other all-star musician/composers was named by Billboard that year as one of the two most significant jazz moments.

Quiet Earth is a Rosnes composition from “Life On Earth” released in 2001.

Her collaborations throughout her career with others in Jazz are endless (and this list isn’t complete).

No surprise that Renee Rosnes is a multi Juno Awards winner and continues to shine.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “On The Nile” ~ Jackie McLean

Jackie Mclean


How the combination of two albums just sat on a shelf for 10 years is beyond me but that’s what indeed happened.

This was track one of five recorded on September 24, 1965 which featured Charles Tolliver on trumpet. Tracks 6-10 with Lee Morgan and a different bass player were recorded in April of 1966.

In 1975 they finally were released as one by Blue Note called Jacknife.

Appropriately named considering this is what the label had originally done with the work.


Jackie Mclean Jazz Sax

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California Chrome …. Dreams Do Come True! 140th KY Derby Winner.

Victor Espinoza celebrates


So much for four white feet being bad luck!

California Chrome Ky Derby Winner


From out of a $8,000.00 MD bred mare named Love the Chase and a $2,500 stud fee from KY bred Lucky Pulpit came a diamond in the rough. Owners Perry Martin & Steve Coburn were called dumb ass’s for having got involved. Thus Dumb Ass’s Partners were formed and are now laughing all the way to the bank, and this retired groom couldn’t be more happier for them.

As far as that goes I’m elated that Art Sherman a 77 year-old trainer who started out in the stable area as a hot walker at 18 defeated all these well-known over-rated named trainers.

Steve Coburn gave credit to his partner stating Martin knew his bloodlines. That he did. Even though California Chrome’s momma & daddy didn’t score so big you have to look a lot further down, way way further down all the way back to War Admiral whose daddy was Man O’War. Then Northern Dancer and history of that blood line, and that was just momma’s side of the family. LOL

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Never, Never Land” ~ Sonny Red

Sonny Red 1959


Native born Detroiter Sonny Red’s name never seemed to gain the same notoriety and recognition as other alto players, nevertheless as you can hear was a worthy contribution to Jazz.

His first album in 1957 was with Art Pepper duly named Two Alto’s.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Love Remains” ~ Bobby Watson

Buona Paqua


My God what an alto.

What an absolutely beautiful ballad and title befitting today. Jesus is alive and the love remains. May all of you have a very Blessed and Peaceful Easter.



Bobby Watson-younger

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Saturday Psychedelics ~ “San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)” ~ Fever Tree

Fever Tree 1968


Sadly unforgotten band and song.

This may have only been their biggest hit out of the four albums produced from 68′-70′ but this native Texas group in my opinion had some nice sounds with other songs. I loved Dennis Keller’s set of pipes. What they lacked was more innovating writing.

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Good Friday


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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Sundays” ~ Enrico Pieranunzi Trio

Enrico Pieranunzi


Born in Rome, Italy this pianist, composer and arranger has accompanied and played among the best in Jazz.

Chet Baker, Charlie Haden, Frank Rosolino, Billy Higgins, Art Farmer just to name a few.

He has written scores for movies, is a professor and an author. The album “Ballads” from which this song is from is the 6th album in-which he collaborated with bassist Mark Johnson and drummer Joey Baron in 2006. The first with them in 1984 and since has released two more.

Starting in the 70s in Europe he quickly set both the classical & jazz scene there on fire before hooking up with American musicians.

In all Enrico Pieranunzi has written more than 300 compositions and recorded more than 70 albums/CDs. From solo’s, duets to quintets. Chet Baker’s “Night Wind”, Phil Wood’s “Hindsight” just a few from a notable list that became international standards.

A lyrical approach so fine it has made him a very much recognizable figure of contemporary jazz.

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Mickey Rooney… An Era Of Legendary Hollywood Has Died.

Mickey Rooney_Mickey & Judy


Lord, what can you not say about this man and actor.

I have been watching him all my life, my mom all of her life. Generation after generation after generation.

Of course I’ll always have forever etched in my mind all those Andy Hardy movies he made with Judy Garland, but there’s one in particular I have never forgotten.

A Human Comedy.

I first watched this movie when I was about 6 years-old and remember crying at the scene in-which he reads a letter from his brother. At almost 57 I still remember Homer Macauley. To this day I still believe it was Rooney’s best performance ever at a young 22.

I can’t count all the movies he made in an era when an actor signed to a studio pumped out 7, 8 movies a year. All I know is with his passing you feel as if a part of your family has left.

All the words apply, Icon, Legend in reality with the acting, dancing & singing abilities Mickey Rooney was a Monument of Entertainment.

He has left this world with enough of it on film and television there would be always something on to watch. Something that a thousand cable channels can’t seem to provide. Just goes to show you what classics are all about and class acts. Mickey was on the top of the list.

93+ years of life God graced us with of this man and after God welcomed to Heaven I’m sure Judy was standing there waiting. What a grand reunion that must be taking place right now. There always smiling in one place and tears left behind, yet still these stars always remain with us forever.

There’s only one channel I need, Turner Classic Movies. It’s where they keep our happiest memories for us and put them on display.

Hollywood lost its biggest star, a Hollywood Golden Era very much missed.


Mickey Rooney

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