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Sunday Sleep In ~ Melanholija ~ Fish In Oil.

Fish In Oil _band


Ahhhhh….another exquisitely composed work and more importantly could be in any film score, notably crime noir.

The bass sets the seductive pulse from the get go.

Once again Radovanović’s guitar goes totally into the psyche of Hendrix after the 8:30 mark when it slowly begins to cook and then depicts into the manic hallucination stage of Melancholy. Although Petrović’s sax is always dripping in sex making this a hard one to be sad at the beginning, he also transitions as nicely into the chaos.

The drumming and percussion explicitly throughout defining the different stages. All of the bands members completes this titles musically descriptive piece.

Not the first time or the last featuring this band. I really wish somebody in film somewhere in this world would find these guys or isn’t anybody writing scripts anymore worthy of the noir Fish In Oil creates so tastefully. Their music always sends my mind into an imaginary place I make up with the scenes and those acting them out.

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Friday Fire ~ “Zalazak Sunca (Sunset)” ~ Fish In Oil.

Fish In Oil _Jazz


Talk about “Tone” this Serbian guitarist Bratislav Radovanović and band excels in the sound. What an absolutely refreshing tantalizing mix of melodies within the whole album of Fish in Oil, but knowing the appetite I possess with the flavors of both Jazz & Blues this particular song filled my soul to the gills (No pun intended).

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