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Rep. Rashida Tlaib.. it is Me you owe an Apology to.

Unlike Trump’s base who will never say they are ever wrong for standing up for his vulgar demeanor towards women, people with disabilities, political opponents of both parties and even trashing the military career of a General Mattis. This 61 going on 62 yr-old Democrat woman found Tlaib’s behavior classless.

Those trying to make excuses for her are also equaling his base. We already know his comments of her words as disgraceful are a joke when he has been worse but must we stoop to his level?

I didn’t vote for her to act like a man I cannot stand who has shown in every realm how ignorant he is. Right now we have a government shut down because of it and the real ramifications of it haven’t even began to set off a light bulb in his empty head. It will though.

I expected more class and dignity from someone I voted for. I thought she was intelligent that would bring a freshness of new ideas and approaches. For her first noteworthy national words to be the ones she chose has brought me disgust.

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