Rep. Rashida Tlaib.. it is Me you owe an Apology to.

Unlike Trump’s base who will never say they are ever wrong for standing up for his vulgar demeanor towards women, people with disabilities, political opponents of both parties and even trashing the military career of a General Mattis. This 61 going on 62 yr-old Democrat woman found Tlaib’s behavior classless.

Those trying to make excuses for her are also equaling his base. We already know his comments of her words as disgraceful are a joke when he has been worse but must we stoop to his level?

I didn’t vote for her to act like a man I cannot stand who has shown in every realm how ignorant he is. Right now we have a government shut down because of it and the real ramifications of it haven’t even began to set off a light bulb in his empty head. It will though.

I expected more class and dignity from someone I voted for. I thought she was intelligent that would bring a freshness of new ideas and approaches. For her first noteworthy national words to be the ones she chose has brought me disgust.

And this, She Ran On or Promised? Impeachment? When? Never heard that here. You are a Freshman Rep. So ran on? Give me a break.

Everything speaker Pelosi asked the newbies not to do. I as well do not want this until the investigation and report has been concluded by Mueller. Things were meant to run their course.

Being one of the first two Muslim’s elected to the US House you think Tlaib would have wanted to somehow showcase the good one could achieve by collectively bringing something bright to the table of real substance at least a wise thoughtful process. Instead she has already blown it and brought shame to not only her family, other Muslims that looked up to her but to those of us who voted for her.

When I go to the polls and fill in a mark next to a person’s name there’s an expectation I have of that person. I take politics very seriously, my hero RFK taught me something about Ideals, Vision, Compassion and being Intellectually strong.

Tlaib displayed the complete opposite of every expectation I had about her, leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth. When I vouch for someone and they turn around and embarrass me for having vouched for them, it is infuriating. I thought I had done my homework, I am usually meticulous about it but I missed something here and have been left to feel like a fool. Something I don’t take quietly.

Maybe you scored points with some younger generation who live within a their cell phones and maybe you think it’s all OK with your new friend in Ocasio-Cortez but I came from a different Democrat era.

It’s called acting with some integrity and speaking with some integrity. Something Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi could have taught you had you shown up to learn. You have no idea what real passion is, it certainly isn’t something you get across having to use and shout an expletive. We already have a brat in Washington who is causing nothing but chaos because he never grew up. I did not elect you to act the same way.

We already have a Trump little girl, don’t need a II. So grow Up.

He fed off the ignorance of people, still feeding on and off them and they are still buying his endless lies.

I am a Democrat who is anything but ignorant, in 1968 my dreams were blown apart. Our whole generation never ever healed from that wound of June 5th and 6th.

A man who intellectually still cannot be matched to this day. It is his standard from which I choose people.

When Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a representative I made possible through my vote willingly chose to act exactly what we are fighting against, it was I that you hurt. You made me realize the mistake I made. I should have voted for Brenda Jones.

The privilege I bestowed upon you, it didn’t last one day before you flushed it all down the toilet for the same cheers the man you want to impeach thrives on. You behaved in the same manner, you’ll get no cheers here.

No you don’t owe Trump anything, with your inconceivable behavior and poor judgement..

It is Me you owe an Apology to.


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2 responses to “Rep. Rashida Tlaib.. it is Me you owe an Apology to.

  1. Lori Reynolds

    I totally agree. 100%.

  2. It is appalling how far public discourse has fallen in the U.S. It is as
    if we are being led by people you might find sitting on bar stools.

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