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Donald Trump Desecrates Purple Heart.

“I Always Wanted to Get the Purple Heart. “This Was Much Easier.”

A slap in the face of every veteran who was wounded and died in combat.

Donald Trump Purple Heart


During Vietnam when soldiers were throwing their medals away, they were called traitors. Only the draft dodgers who went to Canada were ostracized while those that legally hid out in that other draft dodging place called “college” with deferments got a free pass.

What possessed anyone to hand this deranged “Affluenza” man their purple heart when he dodged serving is beyond me but the video below say’s it all.

From Veteran Will Fisher.

Purple Hearts Equal Bad Days



Yeah, it sure was easier you piece of shit.


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To the memories of all who gave their service throughout this country’s history. You can’t be Thanked enough. My Dad served and fought as most of his generation did in WWII. He died on June 21, 2001. He served in the Navy on a Battle Wagon. USS TENNESSEE BB43 1943-47. This picture was taking with not only my Dad aboard but with so many Dads.

Guam July 1944

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