Fair winds and following seas. Senator John McCain. 1936-2018

May God Speed

My Dad also having served in the Navy in WWII knew the meaning all too well. May the journey be smooth and comfortable and no one deserves it more than a man who spent five and a half years as a POW.

He could have been released sooner after being captured, hell they wouldn’t even properly treat the wounds he sustained from the crash two broken arms, one broken leg let alone the ones they inflicted, stabbing him, until they found out he was an admiral’s son. Only then and only for the reasons to use him as a pawn but McCain wasn’t having it. He stated until all those who were held captive before him were released first he wasn’t going to go against the Code of Conduct.

So for the rest of the days he would be repeatedly beaten and tortured, two years completely secluded. They ended up re-breaking that arm and cracking his ribs. This veteran endured hell and did it with courage.

When I turned on the news (I tape our local Detroit) shortly after 2:00AM and was hit with the breaking news that Sen. McCain had died I broke down and cried. He would end up leaving us on the 9th anniversary of Ted Kennedy’s death. His friend and colleague who died from the same exact cancer.

I will never forget that thumbs down on the senate floor, never. The only reason I still have my health ins., something that Ted fought for all of his days. Men who could fight fiercely for what they believed yet cross the aisle with respect. We lost more Saturday than this generation will ever know.

Principles, those who cared about humanity and willing to stand up to their political party.

Whether they or we agreed with the oppositions political positions there was a dignity about this older generation. They were about ideals and they were about Country. That’s what they stood for. There were enough mistakes to go around, McCain acknowledged that. Who in life has not made them, a saint is not writing this right now. I’ll leave the countless articles for all to read on all the wrongs elsewhere.

This blog is to pay homage to a man who served this country all of his days and deserves nothing more then the respect he earned. I didn’t agree with all his views and decisions regardless of my political affiliation. I never always agreed with those within my party, I formed my opinions after researching and researching and researching a person. I have never listened to anyone who could sway my thoughts but I have tried to see things from different perspectives. Well that is why the likes of a John McCain, Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and others who could reach across that party line and reach some conclusion and accomplish something for the good of all in the country as in the past.

Yes I watched C-SPAN that night on pins and needles and I prayed. When John McCain walked in and stepped up and gave that thumbs down I cried a sigh of relief. At that moment I wasn’t going to lose my health insurance, he was the defining vote after two other republicans also cast a no. Who now will fill those shoes I do not know, I can only hope and pray again someone that cares enough as he did. To think of what he had to endure in the Nam to survive, then in age have to continue to fight in cancer. I encourage for all to see HBO’s ‘John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls’.

For this reason I’ll again state “We lost more Saturday than this generation will ever know”.

One can only hope they turn off their phones, stop listening to the crazed pundits and start researching for themselves what a person is about and get to the truth of the matters. Get a brain for yourself.

There is a saying believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. Meaning: Research your own history and you will gain your own knowledge. Read some books.

John McCain knew history and why the USA was the USA. He fought for this country in service in War and Washington the best he could and the likes of him will be forever missed. You were a fighter until the end.

My prayers go out to his family, friends and all those he touched, like me.

Thank You Senator. May you live on in Heaven finally pain free.


Kathleen Sebelius Hearing


Country, Courage, Honor, Humanity…. and






“I hope those who mourn my passing, and even those who don’t, will celebrate as I celebrate a happy life lived in imperfect service to a country made of ideals, whose continued success is the hope of the world. And I wish all of you great adventures, good company, and lives as lucky as mine.”


Sen. John McCain



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3 responses to “Fair winds and following seas. Senator John McCain. 1936-2018

  1. Lori Reynolds

    Very well said Linda. Thank you.

    • Thanks Lori.

      I don’t have HBO, thank God for CNN for they are the ones that aired John McCain “For Whom The Bell Tolls” at 9:00PM Sunday. The only time I watch cable news is when something happens as in the death like McCain so I taped it. I only got through the first 35 mins. about an hour ago. It left me in tears.

      Miss you girl.

  2. Well said. I life bravely led–and we are better for it.

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