Sunday Sleep In ~ “Freedom Vessel” ~ George Kahn.

George Kahn has kept west coast jazz alive and this the second time I’ve featured this talented artist, earlier in the year with a phenomenal rendition of Woodstock.

Born in New York he moved to California in the mid 1970s when he got hooked on John Coltrane. As with many like Dave Brubeck he studied classical when young and became a jazz natural. Love his sound and improvisational playing.

He wrote this song in dedication to Miles Davis.



Freedom Vessel

Composed By – George Kahn
Released off the album of the same name in 2000. Re-released on Secrets From The Jazz Ghetto 2010.



George Kahn – piano
Bobby Rodriguez – trumpet
Eric Marienthall – sax
Dave Carpenter – bass
Joe LaBarbara – drums
M.B. Gordy – percussion




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