Sunday Sleep In ~ “Singing Everyday” ~ Matthew Halsall.

The album “On The Go” was originally released in 2011, but a Remaster was done adding three previously unreleased gems to the mix, Singing Everyday being one of them. So on May 20th, 2016 “On The Go (Special Edition)” was released.

I literally didn’t know which one to feature, all of them brilliantly done. I always go for the gentle flow for the Sunday sleep in’s but there will be much more to follow.

This British trumpeter and composer since his start has managed to capture the depths of the 1950s & 60s with everything we seek from the genre we love called Jazz. But in doing so has put his own refreshing touch and tone to it on every single piece he produces.

From 2008-16 he has released 7 albums with 2 Singles/EP. I encourage you to taste them all. One in particular will captivate your mind, because it highlights a place you’ve never been before unless born in that time period. “End of Dukkha” will have you in that jazz bar out of the past. This band makes sure of it and it is the biggest compliment I can give to them.

Halsall brings it all back to life and keeps it here.





Singing Everyday

Composed by Matthew Halsall.

Credits on song.

Matthew Halsall – trumpet
Adam Fairhall – piano
Gavin Barras – bass
Gaz Hughes – drums

In addition on album:

Nat Birchall – saxophone
Rachael Gladwin – harp (one song, Samatha)




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Thank You President Obama ~ 9-11 Never Forget.

New York – Washington, D.C. – Pennsylvania – NYPD – FDNY – NY Port Authority – Americans of every age, race, nationality and religion. We Remain Free ~ ~ ~ In God We Trust.




You have served us well and if those that celebrated that night yet now call you the worst president they are Hypocrites.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Petite Fleur” ~ Archie Shepp Quartet.

A musician turns into a legend when they can play and everybody knows who they are hearing. They put a signature on their sound so when you hear this man there’s never a question of who. Archie Shepp let’s you know exactly.

I’ve heard many renditions of this Sidney Bechet gem. Victor Goines comes to mind as another fantastic.

Here we have George Mraz’s bass and Billy Drummond’s drums sultry intro with Harold Mabern’s piano further enhancing Shepp’s sax. All the musicians just compliment each other, your ears, soul and heart basically say yeah…. you’ll never forget or need to ever search the piece again, at least not this particular arrangement.


Archie Shepp

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “The Song That Lives Inside” ~ Seamus Blake Quintet.

Seamus Blake


One of Canada’s best players and composers from the last 23 years, this from his 8th album.

On this ballad he managed to capture the mood straight out of a 1950’s jazz after hours club.

Order yourself a drink, close your eyes and lay back…
you’re there.


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Trump Train Wreck.


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Donald Trump Desecrates Purple Heart.

“I Always Wanted to Get the Purple Heart. “This Was Much Easier.”

A slap in the face of every veteran who was wounded and died in combat.

Donald Trump Purple Heart


During Vietnam when soldiers were throwing their medals away, they were called traitors. Only the draft dodgers who went to Canada were ostracized while those that legally hid out in that other draft dodging place called “college” with deferments got a free pass.

What possessed anyone to hand this deranged “Affluenza” man their purple heart when he dodged serving is beyond me but the video below say’s it all.

From Veteran Will Fisher.

Purple Hearts Equal Bad Days



Yeah, it sure was easier you piece of shit.


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Sunday Sleep In ~ Melanholija ~ Fish In Oil.

Fish In Oil _band


Ahhhhh….another exquisitely composed work and more importantly could be in any film score, notably crime noir.

The bass sets the seductive pulse from the get go.

Once again Radovanović’s guitar goes totally into the psyche of Hendrix after the 8:30 mark when it slowly begins to cook and then depicts into the manic hallucination stage of Melancholy. Although Petrović’s sax is always dripping in sex making this a hard one to be sad at the beginning, he also transitions as nicely into the chaos.

The drumming and percussion explicitly throughout defining the different stages. All of the bands members completes this titles musically descriptive piece.

Not the first time or the last featuring this band. I really wish somebody in film somewhere in this world would find these guys or isn’t anybody writing scripts anymore worthy of the noir Fish In Oil creates so tastefully. Their music always sends my mind into an imaginary place I make up with the scenes and those acting them out.

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Donald Trump’s Strategy.


LOL… and it’s the TRUTH!!!

The biggest political dupe in history and dumbest GOP supporters, I Love It.


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If Brexit Has Taught Us Anything…

Longshot's Blog America


This is what all four of my grandparents saw upon arriving here in the early 1900’s. This is what America has always been about.

Let that never change.


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Gordie Howe In Remembrance… Sadness and Celebration.

Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe


Tears flooded out of my eyes just months ago on March 28th watching and hearing 20k+ singing happy birthday to this legend at the Joe. What a moment…even Mickey Redmond choking up.

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Ciamillo Heating & Cooling a Living Nightmare.

The only reason I used the place is because of being a fellow Italian thinking I wouldn’t get screwed, what a gigantic delusion on my part.

What took place in my home was a crime but a stopped check also halted the robbery that took place until a Warren, Mi. Judge 5 months later handed the crooks right back the money without knowing and the sad part not wanting to know the actual facts that had occurred. Our wonderful juridical system.

Well the facts are going to be told detail by detail and an honest review of this company and the horrid experience they put not only me but an 85-year-old woman through.

Sorry Michael Chupa you don’t get to have the last say. You are a coward.

All calls placed concerning Camillo Heating & Cooling were documented incoming and outgoing, and the duration of calls. They were printed from Vonage Account.

I called and talked to owner Sam Camillo on Monday Nov. 23th. My first question was if they serviced my area (west side) and would it be more money I said if so I would just stick with my area, Sam Camillo stated oh no we go everywhere and the price would be the same. $89.99.

I told him I noticed the ignite time was slowing every time I adjusted thermostat and at times was failing to run.

I called again on Nov. 25th, he returned the call I said to him maybe I should just go buy a new thermostat, he stated oh don’t do that. That’s not the problem? He said OK let it run but next time it stops don’t touch anything and let the inducer fan just run because if the furnace is all fired up I can’t test anything.. The furnace ran normal until Nov. 29 in middle of night when I dialed it down two degrees then it stopped. I called him in morning, appointment was set for Monday Nov. 30th.. 30 hours later.

Nov. 30th, 2015

Sam arrived after 10:00 AM, upon me opening the door his face literally dropped seeing me, I didn’t quite understand. I opened and invited him in and the first thing he say’s to me is “My God you look like my sister” in a sour tone, I said well I look like a lot of peoples sisters. But he went on and on about it and said I must take your picture because nobody is going to believe it. I thought it a bit strange but the first thing I asked him was to check my thermostat, he declined and said where is the basement and furnace. He took the top door off and feels inducer fan and states oh very very hot, this isn’t good. That fan had been running for 30 hours of course it was hot. I expected him to take some sort of diagnostic meter or something to start testing things but all he did was touch a wire and immediately said Oh bad gas valve. I let this fan run all that time because he stated furnace must not be running or he couldn’t test it, but didn’t test anything. I explained that the gas valve had been tested on Nov. 18th and it tested fine, throwing the voltages it was supposed to. (the individual who tested it was a friend of a friend but lived 162 miles from me, he was in my area that day to see father in-law who lived close to me, he worked in heating and cooling for 20 yrs.)

He became a little angry. He looked around and spotted some white residue on one of my exhaust vents and said see that, it’s bad combustion from bad gas valve. Said if you don’t want furnace fixed then pay me the call, this is the problem the gas valve. I had said you wanted the inducer fan to run so you could test but you didn’t test anything, he said I don’t have to. You saw I touched a wire that means the gas valve is bad. I was so exhausted and cold, I just wanted the furnace fixed. I told him I knew the prices of parts, he stated oh you’re a furnace technician and already knew the problem, I said no but I looked up worst case scenario and most expensive parts. He made a statement everybody looks at you tube videos and internet, said nobody knows anything?

So he talked me into this gas valve but then he stated I needed Flame Sensor and Ignitor (they are in one part). I said there isn’t anything wrong with that part. Furnace always fires up, never a problem with this ever. Sticker on the furnace stated this part was replaced Sept. 2011 the year before I bought the house. All the time furnace was running this was never a problem, it always produced a flame. He saw this when furnace came on. Then he started scare tactics, said well if this goes bad it will be another service call. I said sternly No, there is nothing wrong with this part. Then he turned around and then stated well this part won’t run with new gas valve as if the two coincided, I was so upset. I finally said just fix the furnace. He made a call I assume to his office to find out where to go for gas valve. He already knew before he ever came the make, model and serial number to my furnace. He quoted me a price for flame sensor/ignitor at $90.00, when he came back he said mine costed more at $119.75.

He started to remove gas valve and was having a hard time getting madder and madder then looked at his watch and said oh this job is going to mess up my whole day, it’s taking too long and coming to this side of town is going to put him behind. Again from the beginning I asked if he didn’t want to come to where I live, I’d wait for places by me. He went outside to get a different tool then all of a sudden made a statement to me, what do you do all day? I felt insulted, he was there to service a furnace. I had worked 7 days a week for over 25 years. He continued complaining about the furnace and the time. When it came time to take out other part he said stupid furnace I can’t get it out. Then when putting new same part in he was having a hard time putting it in and turned to me and sarcastically said why don’t you make yourself useful, he wanted me to shine a flashlight so he could see better. His attitude was becoming horrible. My phone was ringing upstairs and I made a statement it was my probably my mom, said she was concerned. Again more sarcasm, Sam stated why don’t you get out of here and answer your phone.

My home and I was being treated and talked to with total disrespect and totally unprofessional.

He put the gas valve he took out and threw in box to take with him, I wanted old parts and I should have said leave it here but I didn’t know what he was going to do next. I did grab my flame sensor/ ignitor part and put it in another room in basement so he couldn’t take it. I shouldn’t have had to hide anything. I should have had the right to my old parts.

When both parts were in he turned furnace back on but nothing happened, it took him 15 min.’s to realize he had forgotten to turn the gas on, further angering him. With everything now on, something that had never happened prior, glow bar, flame sensor/igniter were now glowing then going back out. I was very upset. The furnace had never done this type of thing.

After 4,5 times it finally ignited and furnace was running. He then walked around to other side of furnace and then stated oh I hate these air filters and grabbed handle and ripped the entire box from its space with such force he broke 4 of my 6 spacers that hold filter in place and now all 6 were displaced. This is a 2400 space Guard filter that fits my model of furnace. It is pleated, the spacers (like big combs) fit into every pleat. I had became very very upset and said omg I have to put these all in place, he shouted at me Fine put them all back and walked away. I said you broke 4 ends off that snap into frame, he said that thing is garbage. I hate those things. He didn’t care that he broke these parts. I was now in tears while putting my filter back together. He was completely irate.

These spacers cost $75.00 online, cannot be bought individually. They come by the 6 that is needed.

He say’s I’m finished here, went upstairs and gave me the bill.

1 Smart Valve $488.00
1 MH Igniter For Smart Valve $119.75
For the call instead of 89.00 a charge of $119.00.. Total $726.75

I filled out check that my Mom had signed. He said again I must take your picture because nobody’s going to believe you look like my sister, I said fine and he took it with his phone. Sam Ciamillo left my home at 11:45AM, 15 mins. after he left the furnace went out. Loud noises were coming from the furnace heard upstairs, I went downstairs the parts were glowing then going back out, furnace would not ignite. I immediately called the office at 12:03PM and said my God the furnace is right back to not igniting, it was a Betty that answered the phone, she said hang on, was connected with Sam and told him furnace was not working. He told me turn the thermostat to 80, I did and furnace came on but I said now what, I can’t leave my heat on this temperature and he hung up. I called right back to his phone, he said turn it back down and wait for next cycle. For the next 2-3 hours this furnace was hit and miss, it was clicking on and off but not igniting. I finally called Sam back at 2:46PM and said the furnace was not working, he was mad and said well I fixed it. I said sir it would be running if fixed, he said well it was running when I left. He told me stop paying attention to it???

I called again at 4:41PM and left a message furnace was not working.

He called me back at 5:11PM and I am quoting him, ” lady if you don’t have anything better in your life to do then to call me and chew me out every minute”

I stated sir I am calling you because I gave you a great deal of money, you proclaimed I needed a new gas valve, and another part there was nothing wrong with you said that had to be replaced to work with new gas valve. You put them in and my furnace is now in worst shape than before you did anything. He stated I fixed your furnace and hung up.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Magnolia Triangle” ~ Stanton Moore Trio.

Stanton Moore Trio

What an exceptional job by three stellar players on this James Black composition.

All you have to do to get the full picture in audio is look on bassist James Singleton face. This artist feels what he plays and expresses it to the max.

David Torkanowsky piano comes to life equaling Stanton Moore’s energy.

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Easter Sunday. Have a Blessed and Peaceful Day.

He Is Risen_Easter_Longshot's Blog


Live Streaming (at time of posting) of the Holy Mass of Easter Day in Rome by Pope Francis.

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Bernie Sanders….. The Bird is the Word.

Bernie's Bird_Longshot's Blog

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “I Can’t Believe in Spring” Davide Petrocca & Olaf Polziehn.

Italian bassist and German pianist creating magic…


Davide Petrocca


Olaf Polziehn


I Can’t Believe in Spring
Composed by Davide Petrocca.

Recorded live at Theaterhaus Jazztage Stuttgart, Germany 2014.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “I Talk To The Wind” ~ Crimson Jazz Trio.

Ian Wallace may have not been with King Crimson when this first album In the Court of the Crimson King was created that included this song, (he joined in 71) but he certainly managed to capture and transcend it into a great jazz work. Ian along with Jody Nardone and Tim Landers created this trio in 2005 and put out two albums paying homage to his former groups compositions.

King Crimson Songbook Volume One in 2005 and
King Crimson Songbook Volume Two with Mel Collins in 2009 two years after Ian’s death.

1969 still sounding good.


Crimson Jazz Trio

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Sweet Sorrow” ~ Joshua Redman Quartet.

Joshua Redman Quartet_Mood Swing


More like Sunday “Sass”…what a great piece of composing here by Redman that would befittingly seep into any film noir, sounding here right out of the 40s and 50s. Makes you want to write a script.

Certainly slips right into the album’s title – “Mood Swing” released in 1994 with a line up of players musicians dream of.


Joshua Redman
Tenor Saxophone

Brad Mehldau

Christian McBride


Brian Blade

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Governor Snyder Reinvents Michigan By Poisoning and Killing it’s Residents.

Rick Snyder Criminal


I couldn’t think of a more appropriate song if I tried, written by  Flint Michigan’s rock band Grand Funk Railroad with dead on lyrics by Mark Farner. 1973

General Motors knew not to use this water from the get go so don’t tell me this Governor didn’t also know what was wrong. Too corrosive to use on engine parts because they would damage and disintegrate them, what in God’s name did anybody think they would do to human beings body parts?

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Woodstock” ~ George Kahn.

What a refreshing jazz arrangement on this Joni Mitchell classic by George Kahn and company. Released off his 2004 album “Compared To What?”

Some nice bass work by Brian Bromberg to guide the entire piece.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Quiet Temple” ~ Barney Wilen with the Mal Waldron Trio.

This beautiful rendition from the Mal Waldron composition “All Alone” (originally released as a solo in 1966) was put on an album in 1990 to pay homage to French film soundtracks.

Waldron’s career started in 1950 with Ike Quebec, He was Billy Holiday’s pianist in her final years and throughout seemed to play and lead with every renown jazz artist there was.

A native New Yorker he moved to Europe where his home-base became France, Munich then Brussels where he died in 2002. He remained actively playing until the end.

Barney Wilen was born in France and started with Miles Davis when Davis was touring there. He led his own bands and produced numerous albums from that year on until his death in 1996.


Barney Wilen with The Mal Waldron Trio

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American Pharoah Goes Out In Style with Grand Slam!

American Pharoh Breeders Cup Classic Winner 2015


This horse Saturday concluded not only a career that took The Triple Crown in 2015 like a grand prize-fighter but won the prestigious Breeder’s Cup Classic in the finest fashion of any icing on a cake.

American Pharoah and that icing absolutely glowed.

It had this race tracker crying tears of pure joy. It’s what all in our industry lives for and this champion gave this sport of Thoroughbred Racing his all. He charged down that stretch like a warrior not to be denied taking with him his fans hearts. Everybody there, watching from another race track or in our living rooms felt like we were running the strides along with him.

Me I pray before a race, just come back safe, God let them all come back safe. As Pharoah made the far turn then began to open up I started yelling, open up, stay safe, open up, don’t take any bad steps. Man it was exhausting! LOL

Like Bob Baffert had said this one you wanted for the horse because he earned and deserved to go out with one more final victory. I hope to God that AP realizes how much joy he has brought to all of us, I believe he does because it was from God that this gift came to us.

The Class and Cream of the Crop.


American Pharoh Breeders Cup Winner 2015


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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Lazy Afternoon” ~ Pete La Roca.

Pete La Roca


Pete La Roca took this Jerome Moross composition and infused his musical soul and in my opinion put out the best rendition of this song that was ever done. With the help of Joe Henderson’s atmospheric sax playing, Steve Swallow’s guiding rhythm on the bass, Steve Kuhn’s climatic piano and finally Pete’s brushes softly guiding the piece… you go on a journey.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Where Breathing Starts” ~ Tord Gustavsen Trio.

Tord Gustavsen Trio

Gorgeous composition from Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen from his debut album Changing Places in 2003. He has produced 5 more since, his last being in 2014.

Sadly this artist from the beginning has pretty much stayed touring all of Europe with very sporadic visits to the USA and Canada. In 2013 he did play the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

From trio’s to quartets and entire ensembles all of his albums have only charted basically in Norway and France with a 100 in Germany in 2012. Sort of sad the U.S. in 12 years hasn’t caught on to him. I encourage all to dive in to all of his works, I guarantee there will be no disappointments.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Femmena” ~ Salvatore Tranchini, Jerry Bergonzi, Franco Ambrosetti.

Radio Suite was recorded in 1996 with 17 tracks and was released in 1998.

Trumpeter Franco Ambrosetti has been recording since 1964 and has a very lengthy discography both as leader and sideman.

Saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi started in the 70’s and was a frequent guest on Dave Brubeck ensemble tours. His last release was 2013.

Antonio Faraò is one of the finest jazz pianists to ever come out of Rome. He has been recording since the 90’s.

Mike Richmond has played with so many jazz greats the list goes on forever. He has been recording sine the late 70’s.

Drummer Salvatore Tranchini has done most of his work and releases in Italy.



Composed by Pericle Odierna.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Dat Mistige Rooie Beest” ~ Karel Boehlee Trio.

Karel Boehlee Trio


This Rogier Van Otterloo composition was originally performed by Toots Thielemans for the soundtrack of the 1973 film Turkish Delight or “Turks Fruit”. Karel Boehlee’s piano and Trio brings it back to life, not that Toots harmonica will ever be drowned out. It just seemed the song disappeared for some time.

The name of this Dutch artist Karel Boehlee himself doesn’t seem to be widely known outside of the jazz world even though he has been putting out albums since the late 80’s. More than a dozen, seven for a Japanese label. Seems he’d rather jam with whomever at all types of venues whether big, or small cafe’s. His band-mates from 2004-2012 as fine tuned.

Bassist Hein Van de Geyn has also worked with a long list of infamous names over the many years including Chet Baker back in the 80’s. He also has produced as composer many albums both as leader and side man.

Drummer Hans van Oosterhout who performed with Toots is still one of the most sought after jazz drummers today.


Karel Boehlee Trio_

(from left) Hein Van de Geyn, Karel Boehlee, Hans Van Oosterhout.

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Sunday Sermon ~ Mass with Pope Francis.

I cried about a third of this Mass at Madison Square Garden, his message, the music and choir so moving. At almost the end Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s words describing how much we love Pope Francis that lead to a thunderous applause and had me standing in my own living room tears flooding out of my eyes also applauding, the smile on the Pope’s face priceless. So much love out of this holy man of God.

The meeting with his Bishops upon arrival in the USA, the money the church takes in, if you don’t take care of the poor in need with it then Pay Taxes like a business!

Yet over the days I have read the venomous comments about this Pope from some evangelicals but yet he resides in a small apartment living humbly and Walking the Talk.

What what the Joel Osteen’s of the world do who live in multi-million dollar mansions, drive $100,00 vehicles and own private jets. Their message is Property, give to their mega-churches so they can live high and mighty. This is their saved.

You decide what the message of Jesus is.

Pope Francis is delivering it and may God Bless him in the name of Jesus. We love you and as you always ask at the end of every message will you please pray for me.

Yes We Will.

I only wish we can hold you over for another month to visit all of our major cities because those that got to see you have been truly Blessed. But I was at this Mass in New York, New York as much. I not only saw and heard you, I felt you.

Jesus is Love and you are love. His greatest messenger!


Pope Francis_Madison Square Garden Mass


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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Multicolored Blue” ~ Terell Stafford Quintet.

Terell Stafford _This side of strayhorn


What an exceptional rendition of a Billy Stayhorn classic.

Not only did Terell Stafford and Tim Warfield capture the era of jazz that this song was created in but they absolutely nailed and made it their own. With a more than sassy trumpet surge then a tenor drawing you into a sexy wail this entire quintet brings back that smoky age of a 40’s and 50’s holy grail sound that makes you feel like you are sitting in The Royal Roost on Broadway, one of NY’s finest of that day.

The sound is explosive and the entire album ignited, the Duke would be proud.

This Side Of Strayhorn released in 2011, jazz never sounded so alive.

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Hazel Park Raceway Co-Owner Herbert Tyner Dies.

With the death of Tyner what does the future hold for this race track. Hartman & Tyner not only own countless real estate holdings in apartments etc.. along with two Dog/Racino tracks in W.V. & Fl. the only venue losing money is Hazel Park.

Will the family of Tyner hang onto all of dealings as a package or eliminate any not making a profit?

I wrote on all the dirty dealings of Hartmen and Tyner in this BLOG in the W.V & Fl. Racino’s detailing it down to the bone.


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“This is really a mind-fucker of all times man” You bet it was. The 46th Anniversary of “Woodstock”.


How I wish I could step into a time machine and go back. I would never return.




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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Nostalgia” ~ Igor Butman Quartet.

What a beautiful piece of music composed and played by Russian virtuoso jazz tenor sax player Igor Butman.

He has been playing since the 1980’s among the cream of the crop of jazz.

Placed another live rendition below with full orchestration including strings to really let you absorb this man’s exemplary talent.

President Bill Clinton at one time had stated that Butman was his favorite living sax player, it’s certainly not hard to hear why.


Igor Butman

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