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Sunday Sleep In ~ “The Peacocks” ~ Stan Getz presents Jimmie Rowles.

I never thought I’d ever say that Bill Evans could be out done but Jimmie Rowles does a masterful interpretation of this composition.

… and Getz… could play with anybody and make them sound 500% better. This pianist didn’t need any help.



The Peacocks

Composed by Bill Evans.
Recorded in 1975 and Released off the 1997 album Stan Getz presents Jimmie Rowles – Label: CBS in The Neverthands and Label: Columbia in the US. ‎

Jimmie Rowles – piano
Stan Getz – Sax





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Sunday Sleep In ~ “All Blues” ~ Miles Davis

As much as anybody can pick just one favorite from Miles, this would be mine.

The talent on this entire album is mesmerizing.

You ask yourself Could it, Would it ever be this good again. The answer is always the same, No. This is the cream of the crop of players and there were many in Jazz.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Peace Piece” ~ Bill Evans

Released in 1958 off of Evan’s second album, “Everybody Digs Bill Evans”….. And everybody did.

The album did have the rest of his Trio, Philly Joe Jones – drums, Sam Jones – bass. But this song was a sit down first time completely unrehearsed improvisation. A melodic treasure.

This man played with everybody. But sadly had the demons and traits shared by so many other talented musicians. One tragedy after another yet their musical ability transcended excellence. Completely unexplanatory and leaving us surreal.


Bill Evans

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Sunday Smooth ~ Oliver Nelson ~ Stolen Moments

This is my all time favorite Jazz Composition by Oliver Nelson.

Released in 1961 off the album, The Blues and the Abstract Truth

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