Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ “Today” ~ Jefferson Airplane.

God I still get chills hearing this fantastically beautiful song. Marty Balin’s vocals cut straight through your heart, the instrumentation almost haunting.

Frank Sinatra said he thought “Something” was the best love song ever written, truth be told if “Today” had gotten the airplay it deserved from its 67′ release I think the Marty Balin & Paul Kanter composition might have been reconsidered. To me it had more passion and the harmonies priceless.

This song along with Balin’s “Comin’ Back to Me” were Airplane’s most hidden gems and so over-shadowed by White Rabbit & Somebody To Love off the same album. They were so underplayed it was a crying shame.

Yes the more psychedelic acid rock ones struck their chords amidst the trips, but you can’t deny that these softer also psychedelic in nature speaking of love didn’t take their rightful place.

Marty sung it with such feeling and expression, how could it not.

“I’m so full of love I could burst apart and start to cry.”

1967 “Summer of Love”, you betcha.


Marty Balin


Paul, Grace and Marty _JA



Written by Marty Balin and Paul Kantner.
Released off the 1967 album “Surrealistic Pillow”.

Marty Balin – lead vocals, tambourine
Paul Kantner – rhythm guitar, vocals
Grace Slick – vocals
Jorma Kaukonen – lead guitar, vocals
Jack Casady – bass
Spencer Dryden – drums


Today, I feel like pleasing you
More than before
Today, I know what I want to do
But I don’t know what for
To be living for you
Is all I want to do
To be loving you
It’ll all be there
When my dreams come true

Today, you’ll make me say
That I somehow have changed
Today, you’ll look into my eyes
I’m just not the same
To be any more than all I am
Would be a lie
I’m so full of love
I could burst apart
And start to cry

Today, everything you want
I swear it will all come true
Today, I realize how much
I’m in love with you
With you standing here
I could tell the world
What it means to love
To go on from here
I can’t use words
They don’t say enough

Please, please listen to me
It’s taken so long to come true
It’s all for you, all for you


Paul Kantner_ JA

Jefferson Airplane


Summer  of Love 1967




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2 responses to “Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ “Today” ~ Jefferson Airplane.

  1. It was 1970 before I got to see the Airplane at a festival in the UK. I had a major teenage crush on Grace & headed to the front to be as near as possible to her. Before this Hot Tuna, with Marty joining them on vocals, tore up the place. They were better than Led Zeppelin who had headlined earlier.
    My blog is mostly music & memories. I guess that I’m gonna have to come out as an old hippie pretty soon !

  2. Thanks for the comment, I tried to view your blog. Mind you I’m still working on a XP which really is not the problem. Only 512 mb of ram though so the fact that none of your blogs are shortened with a “more” in them where you continue to read them separately, you get the whole page loading. For me it’s impossible because computer freezes up.

    Love your blog name and avatar, good actor!

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