Wednesday When It Was Music & Movies ~ “To Sir With Love” ~ Lulu

The song still brings a warmth over me. It is as fabulous today as when it was first released in 1967.

Initially this song was recorded with The Mindbenders, who also acted in the film. It hit #1 on Billboard 100 for 5 consecutive weeks in the US and ended up earning the number one position for the entire year. In the UK it was never ever released for the hit it was in its own right, only remaining the B side to the 1967 No. 11 hit “Let’s Pretend”. US Release B side was “It’s Getting Harder All The Time” which was also in the movie.

I have watched this film at least 200 times in my life. It is among my top two favorites of Sidney Poitier, with the other being “A Patch Of Blue”.

Lulu’s voice couldn’t have gotten any better, it was picture perfect no pun intended. To Sir With Love was also her debut movie and epitomized an era of change. I always loved English Movies, Georgy Girl and The L-Shaped Room also comes to mind.

Lulu (origin Glasgow, Scotland) continued on in the UK with great success after this movie and hit with her singing career then gaining her own TV series featuring music and comedy through 75′. She also sung the 1974 title Soundtrack for James Bond – The Man With The Golden Gun.

All I know is I could watch To Sir With Love once a day and never get tired of it from start to finish, it is a classic defining both the US & UK’s changing times. But the final scene will always be something special that still never fails to bring me a great big smile then tears. How can you not love it. Revolt to Respect done so damn tastefully.



Every single actor and actress in this film was a “Smasher”. But Lulu’s singing sealed it.

She is still performing today.



Born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, now Lulu Kennedy-Cairns (her late mother’s birth name before she was adopted by the McDonald family).


Written by Don Black – Lyrics and Marc London – Music.
Mike Leander – Arranger and Conducted (Movie Version)
Released in 1967



Long live the 60s!


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  1. Reblogged this on Longshot's Blog and commented:
    Sidney Poitier… You will never be forgotten.

    Your Class, Dignity, Elegance, Grace. You were the best of the best and one of my favorite actors. I cried all day hearing the news and watching all the homages.

    “To Sir With Love”.

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