In Memory of Jan-Michael Vincent.

I am angered that it took them a month to report his passing. Feb. 10th.

He was no forgotten star in my eyes. News now entitling their articles “Heart Throb” of the 80’s dies. Got news for them, Jan was a Heart Throb from the 1960’s.

God what a fox.


First time I ever laid my eyes on him was in Danger Island, apart of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour and I was hooked. My crush of jr. high (68′-70′), then when Tribes a TV film came out in 1970 and his hair got longer even more. As you can tell from the picture of him from that film above. I didn’t think I’d ever get over hating Earl Holliman. Lol

Basically watched every film after he was in through 1980. Other favorites:

Going Home with Robert Mitchum and Brenda Vaccaro
The Mechanic with Charles Bronson
Buster and Billie
Baby Blue Marine

I remember catching an episode of Marcus Welby MD in the early 70’s, Jan played a teenage alcoholic, sadly in life what would ultimately lead to his demise later in life.

In 83′ I would watch The Winds of War that would hook him up again with Robert Mitchum.

By time Airwolf came on TV in 84′ and ended in 86′ I wasn’t ever home to watch it. Always admiring Ernie Borgnine and loving Jan I would have enjoyed it. I’ve never even seen it in reruns, if ever shown again I’ll make it a point to watch.

But early on he captured many hearts and long before the 80’s. It’s sad when somebody dies from my parents era of entertainment but when it come from mine own even more devastating. One by one whether musicians or actors, you realize you’re only still a hippie in mind, heart and yeah soul… but..

We are aging.

So with Jan’s death comes a sadness yet the memories he gave and left us with will always bring a smile. That good looking guy with the beautiful blue eyes to match the talent will fondly be missed and remembered.

His star didn’t fall, it burns brightly up in the Heaven’s.









Hopefully he has found the peace in Heaven that he could never seem to find here on earth.

Rest well Jan and enjoy Heaven.





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3 responses to “In Memory of Jan-Michael Vincent.

  1. Joyce Conroy

    Your blog is beautiful. It was a shame what alcohol and drug addiction can do to someone and it broke my heart to see the final pictures. May he rest in peace and I will do all that I can in my lifetime to shed awareness so others do not fall in the path of what happened to Jan. Such a talented and handsome man. Loved him in Lassie and the Hanford’s Point episodes. “Hard County” was another favorite film. Thank you for sharing about him so kindly.

  2. Susan Martin

    I fell in love with guy for a couple of reasons
    First he looked EXACTLY like my brother Brad.
    I too was a child of the 60s and 70s and he was my first movie star crush
    WORLD’S GREATEST ATHLETE was the movie i found him in. Danger island came and
    Later. Years later i saw he was in
    The Mechanic with Charles Bronson
    Buster and Billie
    Baby Blue Marine
    I can’t remember anymore. I have a serious case of C.R.S. (cant remember shit)
    The person who wrote this beautiful eulogy is from the same generation i was. I found out he died from some YouTube show i was watching
    I didn’t know he died.
    Seeing what alcohol can do to a persons looks is shocking. I hope where ever he goes that he finds the love he needed. I don’t even know if he ever got married or had children. I love you JMV. You are always going to be gorgeous to me. Rest well brother.

  3. The Informer

    I grew up watching Jan Michael Vincent…he was my idol, my hero, my all-time favorite actor! He had his troubles along the way, with alcohol and drugs finally getting the better of him, but to me he will always be The Best!
    RIP my Friend.

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