Big Brother and the Holding Company Guitarist James Gurley Dead.


Chet Baker

Eddie Fisher ~ One of the Greatest Singers.

Tuesday Tarantella ~ Italian Songs of the Day ~ Italian East Side Detroit Style ~

Dean Martin

The Marvelettes

Gary Moore

Grand Funk Railroad

 The Velvelettes

Kim Weston


A Ton More Music Under the Bits & Pieces Tab.


My Idol of a Singer is ” Sassy ” Sarah Vaughan. Nobody could come close to these set of pipes. The smooth vibrato, the phrasing and range this Lady possessed. She could go from the highest of high to the lowest of low keys of voice without missing a beat. Her version of ” Lady Day” Billy Holiday’s Lover man is what got me hooked on Sassy. I was 14 years old.

And from my generation of  ” Woodstock ” came the one of the best Blues singers of  all time. Janis Joplin. With her own Unique Raspy sound and Style, to this day know one could ever compare.

But the Lady whose song is playing in my opinion was the BEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME. Judy Garland.

She did it ALL. Sing, Dance, Act, Perform … and did it all straight from the depths of her Soul. This wasn’t just some normal ordinary talent. Judy sang with so much conviction, power and excitement she made you believe by time you got through listening to her songs. You could jump up and do it as well. Judy Garland’s Talent was beyond Staggering and Awesome. It was just so completely heartbreaking and damn sad that she just never really realized how beyond good she actually was. She honestly didn’t see it. But we did and


The Man that got Away ~ from A Star is Born is my very favorite from her.


I was blessed to have come into the world in 1957. I got the best of both worlds. From the Doo Wop of the 50s, into the 1960s sound known as ” MOTOWN ” a sound recognized around this whole world. ( And I was born just 3 blocks from Hitsville ). The British Invasion & Woodstock era. But I got to taste and more than enjoy my Parents generation of Big Bands and Masterful Singers of their era as well. Sinatra, Basie, Duke, Fitzgerald, Coletrane, Damone, Martin, and on and on.

We don’t have ” MUSIC ” anymore. Not what I define as music anyway. Your getting a sample taste of it as you read this. No these days are long gone probably never to be seen again. But we had them. And Thank God for Vinyl, 8 Tracks, Cassette and now Cd’s. Although I still prefer Vinyl scratches and all. Because it is what defined the honest to God sound of REAL MUSIC.

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