So Sexy, So Talented… Yet so Vulnerable. Chet Baker ~ Songs of the Weekend.

Man take your choice.

This Man was as complex as Judy Garland.

But unlike Garland who had a horrendous start almost from the beginning with a stage Mother popping her own daughter pills to wake and pills to sleep. All in the name of making herself money off her 7 year olds performances. Chet Baker was even more intriguing. This guy had the looks, the voice and the TRUMPET. Starting with the likes of Stan Getz then Charlie Parker who chose Baker to join him in 1951 for his West coast gigs. Then joining the Gerry Mulligan Quartet set Baker’s career ablaze that only got better from there, musically wise. His personal life became a complete drug infused mess. After a stint in prison for a drug arrest. An Album released in 1953

” Chet Sings “
( His Signature song is playing ).

gave audiences even more to like Baker about then just his Trumpet playing like anybody needed anything else to like about him. He could sing as well as he played that Trumpet. In a slow, sexy almost hum. Like everything was as natural as breathing. It makes me really wonder why he needed the drugs. With all he had going, but then why does anybody need anything.  Every soul that walks this earth seems to have some deep rooted inner demons that come out with or without talent.

The 1988 Documentary filmed in his last years entitled ” Let’s Get Lost ” gained an Academy award nomination for best Documentary. The first video has to be one of my favorite Chet Baker Compositions.












Now you known damn well I’d save something called, ” Born to be Blue ” for last.


You have just tasted the very BEST of the 1950s type of Jazz. Nothing better, Nothing Smoother, Nothing Finer. Chet Baker had it all and even through his troubled life managed to share the very best parts of himself with us. His Muse and his Words. Looks, Trumpet and Voice.

Born December 23, 1929, Chet Baker left this world on May 13, 1988. But my Lord what he left us with.

More than a Legacy of it. He left us with his triumph’s and what his true heart and soul possessed.

And we get to relish in his accomplishments. Chet Baker thankfully will never be gone.





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