Tuesday Tarantella ~ Italian Songs of the Day ~ Italian East Side Detroit Style ~

Every Italian Wedding I went to when young or at San Frans Spaghetti Dinner at Alcamo’s on the east side. The Song and the Dance was the Tarantella. The last time I remember seeing my one Aunt and my Dad’s family one cousin Dancing this was at my cousin’s wedding in 89. The one playing the Accordion was the Brother of the cousin Dancing. This song is embedded into every Italian on this earth. Thank God

My Dad and his whole side are sadly gone. But I’ll always have those Memories.

So to my Detroit Paisans. ” Divertirsi “


My Dad adored this next song.


And I adored Dean Martin.

My favorite Aunt taught me this song when I was little. It wasn’t until 2003 I found out by family members how she taught it to me. Then I laughed. I was told she would hold the basement door closed and wouldn’t open it until I could sing it perfectly in Italian ( I must of been very little ? ). All I know is I learned it very young and still can sing in it 100% perfectly in Italian.

Now the song I remember Grandma ( and she had a good voice ) singing in that basement became my favorite Italian song.

I’ll save the rest of the stories as there are way too many.


You can keep Sinatra. When the songs were sung in Italian they didn’t get any better than the above ones.

Some Detroit Italian History

I got a kick out of this because my Grandparents came to the USA in 1909.

I wish I could of found some music to post from Ilio Benvenuti. He had a Fabulous Voice.

He grew up in the same old Italian Section of Detroit ( Eastern Market ) that everybody’s family came from.

The First 100% all Italian Roman Catholic Church in Detroit stood at Rivard & Brewster.

San Francesco. The parish priest when I was baptized, Father Mario.


For all the Home Made Macaroni’s – Home Made Vino and the Vinegar!

 ” Alla Famiglia “



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