Eddie Fisher ~ One of the Greatest Singers.

Say what you will about this Man. At one time Eddie Fisher had one of the most recognizable voices in the world.

Now silenced at the age of 82.

He owned the Pop sound of the 50s. And make no mistake about it he had a great set of Pipes and he could Sing.



His Albums flew off of store shelves.


  • Eddie Fisher Sings (10-inch album) (RCA Victor 1952)
  • I’m In The Mood For Love (RCA Victor 1952/55)
  • Christmas With Eddie Fisher (10-inch album) (RCA Victor 1952)
  • Irving Berlin Favorites (10-inch album) (RCA Victor 1954)Grossinger’sz
  • May I Sing To You? (RCA Victor 1954/55)
  • I Love You (RCA Victor 1955)
  • Academy Award Winners (RCA Victor 1955)
  • Bundle Of Joy (film soundtrack) (RCA Victor 1956)
  • As Long As There’s Music (RCA Victor 1958)
  • Scent Of Mystery (film soundtrack) (Ramrod 1960)
  • Eddie Fisher At The Winter Garden (Ramrod 1963)
  • Eddie Fisher Today! (Dot 1965)
  • When I Was Young (Dot 1965) (re-recordings of his RCA Victor hits)
  • Games That Lovers Play (RCA Victor 1966)
  • People Like You (RCA Victor 1967)
  • You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet (RCA Victor 1968)
  • After All (Bainbridge Records 1984)


  • Thinking Of You (RCA Victor 1957)
  • Eddie Fisher’s Greatest Hits (RCA Victor 1962)
  • The Very Best Of Eddie Fisher (MCA 1988)
  • All Time Greatest Hits Vol.1 (RCA 1990)
  • Eddie Fisher – Greatest Hits (RCA 2001)

His songs countless.

Eddie Fisher’s only downfall was falling in love with Hollywood’s marriage wrecker, Liz Taylor. She was the Death to Fisher’s career back then. And he never could recover. It was a different day back in the 50s. People were not so forgiving of other peoples behavior’s even if their own was worst. Today nobody would of cared. Fisher’s career should of went on, but it didn’t. He had his own personal demons as all of us do. But NOBODY can take away what this man had. Looks, Charisma, Style, Class YES Class, and most of all his voice was no overnight fluke. He could Sing and was the top recording artist of the 1950s. He got Drafted in 1951 yet,

From 1950-54 the most lukewarm five years in the history of 20th century music — he had 19 songs reach the Top 10, including four (“Wish You Were Here,” “I’m Walking Behind You,” “Oh! My Pa-Pa,” “I Need You Now”) that went to No. 1.
And in the years from 1950-56, 35 of them were in the top 40.
He was apart of many TV shows including his own, and played in 8-9 movies.

It was too bad back then people couldn’t of just realized they weren’t God to Judge. Debbie Reynolds was human as well, and I doubt perfect. Ones image they create on Screen isn’t always the person in real life. She might have not deserved the infidelity. But Eddie Fisher’s decisions of Love shouldn’t of been the Death of his Career as a Fabulous Singer and Entertainer.

But it’s all in the past now. Fisher Died Sept. 22 after complications from surgery. His Life, His Rise and Fall has came to a conclusion, but this man left us with a lot of Fabulous Music to still enjoy and remember.

Thank You Mr. Eddie Fisher.








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