Oh! Dino How I Miss You. ~ Dean Martin

Christmas day unfortunately was the 15th anniversary of Dean Martin’s death Dec. 25th, 1995. I absolutely adored this man from the time I was a little girl. Everyone talked about Sinatra and yes he was a Singers singer. But if you wanted an Italian singer of Italian songs, then for me it was Dino. I’ll never forget wearing out two 45s when we lived at my grandma’s 65-68. Professor, Professor & An Evening in Roma. I could sing the Italian part of the first to perfection. It was then and still now to this day my favorite Italian record. When we moved, my favorite aunt knowing how much I loved these two records gave them to me. When I sit and think about it I laugh, saying to myself did she really give them to me because she knew how much I loved them. Or did she give them to me because after me playing them ( on their old Hi-Fi ) 100 times a day for three straight years, and her listening to them a 100 times a day for three straight years, was just plain SICK OF HEARING THEM. LOL

I still have the records and they still get played, although when I listen to Professor, Professor tears at times start flowing because of the memories of where I played and listened to them. That particular Aunt died in 1996. So if there is anybody my age ( 53 ) and no doubt anybody from my parents era reading this. This is my tribute to one of my favorite singers. A 1,000 times better looking than Sinatra, and more smoother. He might have been part of one of the best comedy acts in show biz history, but to me he was just my favorite Italian singer. Girls screamed for Sinatra in their day, and every Thursday night at 10:00 pm growing up. I tried to not get caught sneaking around the corner to watch Dean Martin, otherwise a lot of yelling and hitting occurred. ( Yes we had a specific time you had to go to bed when young ). I’d gladly be willing to be screamed at now if only Dino was here to sneak around and watch. How I Miss that man.

Born Dino Paul Crocetti


And the moment that made television history that many longed for in 1976.


Everybody loved Dean Martin. And this person misses and loved him very much.  15 years ago he left this world, 15 years later his music keeps many memories alive.

In the Heart where it counts. Somebody may wonder why post an In Memory on Christmas Day.

For me more than Dino’s music some beautiful memories were made.

My Dad and his whole side are gone. There is an empty void on Christmas for me that can never again be replaced. Dino’s Music reminds me of how good Christmas Eve and Day was at a time when younger when they were all here. I miss that house on the East Side of Detroit. I miss the homemade Macaroni’s, Vino, all the Italian Cookies and baked goods my Aunt Bridget made for the entire family.

So when you no longer can be with whom you want because they’ve gone beyond your reach. You reach out to them anyway you can. This Singer and the memories from his songs is my homage to whom I will always miss at Christmas. And it is his music that still allows a little piece of all of them to always remain with me. So here’s to some beautiful memories.

The song playing I can’t explain it’s meaning to you in words. It’s contained in my heart of a specific memory of my favorite Aunt Anna ( Annie ). How I miss her and the Chistmas that once upon a time that was.

La Famiglia ” vivi, ridi, & ama “. 

Mi manchi, ti voglio bene, Sei in mio cuore.





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8 responses to “Oh! Dino How I Miss You. ~ Dean Martin

  1. kentsmokerguy

    Hey pallie, thanks for payin’ homage to our Dino on the anniversary of his departure from our presence. Never was, never will abe anyone as cool as the King of Cool….oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth…..know that I plan to feature your Dino-trib tomorrow at the ol’ ilovedinomartin Dino-blog…… http://ilovedinomartin.blogspot.com

  2. Thank You kentsmokerguy,

    My memories of the good are my best friends. And Dino provided the soundtrack.

    I hope you click on to this link, I know you would enjoy it. Thanks again for the response.


  3. kentsmokerguy

    Hey pallie, you are most welcome ma’am…just showin’ likes what we calls true Dinopalliedom….and thanks for the link, I’m sure that post will also finds it’s way to the ilovedinomartin Dino-blog. Your awesome Dino-homage is now up there…. http://ilovedinomartin.blogspot.com/2010/12/oh-dino-how-i-miss-you.html As a lover of Dino, I hope you will enjoy the pleasure of the company of ilovedinomartin….and likes btw, I am also the modpallie of a yahoo Dino-dialogue pad and if you would ever be interested in joinin’ in the Dino-action, just let me know….you can contact me at kentsmokerguy@yahoo.com Yours In Dino-devotion, Dino Martin Peters

  4. Longshot,

    We have something very, very important in common: We loved and still love Dean Martin.

    You said that really resonated with me:

    My Dad and his whole side are gone. There is an empty void on Christmas for me that can never again be replaced. Dino’s Music reminds me of how good Christmas Eve and Day was at a time when younger when they were all here.

    I’ve lost all of both my parents’ generation on both sides of my family, the last one passing away this year. And Dean Martin’s recordings do bring comfort and take us back to better times.

    I can hardly believe that he has been gone for 15 years. He still lives in the hearts of those who loved him, not the least in the hearts of those of us who have been his longtime fans.

  5. (I will be posting several musical interludes over the Christmas Holy Days. If you must have politics, scroll down to read posts of that nature — several posts down as I will not be posting about politics until after Christmas)


    My reason exactly for the editing of the comment. Yes we will always have our love for Dino in common. So sit back and enjoy.

  6. I could kill these record labels who demand a video’s removal.

    Now I have to figure out which ones are completely blacked out that I posted. Updated Soon.

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