Female – Born (May 1957) and raised in Detroit, Mi.
Proud Italian
Hot Tempered
Insane sense of humor
Blues Loving (I think you’ve already figured that out)
Democrat….. Depending on the subject matter Part Lib/Mod/Con
Christian… Non Fanatical

Retired Thoroughbred Groom

Worked at The Detroit Race Course
(Pictured in Header – taken before clubhouse was built)
from 1976 until the last horse left the grounds in 1998.
Farm 1999-2001
Pinnacle Race Course 2008 to 2010.

Work Hard, Play Hard, Fight Hard &
Love Hard.

Am a Loyal Friend but if you ever cross me purposely, i’m done with you. I Don’t like phony people and can spot them a mile away… I can see through them like I’m looking through a clear pane of glass.

Survival: Try to Laugh as much as you Cry. It’s what will keep you Alive.











The Detroit Race Course



Reminiscing/ Detroit Race Course