Ciamillo Heating & Cooling a Living Nightmare.

The only reason I used the place is because of being a fellow Italian thinking I wouldn’t get screwed, what a gigantic delusion on my part.

What took place in my home was a crime but a stopped check also halted the robbery that took place until a Warren, Mi. Judge 5 months later handed the crooks right back the money without knowing and the sad part not wanting to know the actual facts that had occurred. Our wonderful juridical system.

Well the facts are going to be told detail by detail and an honest review of this company and the horrid experience they put not only me but an 85-year-old woman through.

Sorry Michael Chupa you don’t get to have the last say. You are a coward.

All calls placed concerning Camillo Heating & Cooling were documented incoming and outgoing, and the duration of calls. They were printed from Vonage Account.

I called and talked to owner Sam Camillo on Monday Nov. 23th. My first question was if they serviced my area (west side) and would it be more money I said if so I would just stick with my area, Sam Camillo stated oh no we go everywhere and the price would be the same. $89.99.

I told him I noticed the ignite time was slowing every time I adjusted thermostat and at times was failing to run.

I called again on Nov. 25th, he returned the call I said to him maybe I should just go buy a new thermostat, he stated oh don’t do that. That’s not the problem? He said OK let it run but next time it stops don’t touch anything and let the inducer fan just run because if the furnace is all fired up I can’t test anything.. The furnace ran normal until Nov. 29 in middle of night when I dialed it down two degrees then it stopped. I called him in morning, appointment was set for Monday Nov. 30th.. 30 hours later.

Nov. 30th, 2015

Sam arrived after 10:00 AM, upon me opening the door his face literally dropped seeing me, I didn’t quite understand. I opened and invited him in and the first thing he say’s to me is “My God you look like my sister” in a sour tone, I said well I look like a lot of peoples sisters. But he went on and on about it and said I must take your picture because nobody is going to believe it. I thought it a bit strange but the first thing I asked him was to check my thermostat, he declined and said where is the basement and furnace. He took the top door off and feels inducer fan and states oh very very hot, this isn’t good. That fan had been running for 30 hours of course it was hot. I expected him to take some sort of diagnostic meter or something to start testing things but all he did was touch a wire and immediately said Oh bad gas valve. I let this fan run all that time because he stated furnace must not be running or he couldn’t test it, but didn’t test anything. I explained that the gas valve had been tested on Nov. 18th and it tested fine, throwing the voltages it was supposed to. (the individual who tested it was a friend of a friend but lived 162 miles from me, he was in my area that day to see father in-law who lived close to me, he worked in heating and cooling for 20 yrs.)

He became a little angry. He looked around and spotted some white residue on one of my exhaust vents and said see that, it’s bad combustion from bad gas valve. Said if you don’t want furnace fixed then pay me the call, this is the problem the gas valve. I had said you wanted the inducer fan to run so you could test but you didn’t test anything, he said I don’t have to. You saw I touched a wire that means the gas valve is bad. I was so exhausted and cold, I just wanted the furnace fixed. I told him I knew the prices of parts, he stated oh you’re a furnace technician and already knew the problem, I said no but I looked up worst case scenario and most expensive parts. He made a statement everybody looks at you tube videos and internet, said nobody knows anything?

So he talked me into this gas valve but then he stated I needed Flame Sensor and Ignitor (they are in one part). I said there isn’t anything wrong with that part. Furnace always fires up, never a problem with this ever. Sticker on the furnace stated this part was replaced Sept. 2011 the year before I bought the house. All the time furnace was running this was never a problem, it always produced a flame. He saw this when furnace came on. Then he started scare tactics, said well if this goes bad it will be another service call. I said sternly No, there is nothing wrong with this part. Then he turned around and then stated well this part won’t run with new gas valve as if the two coincided, I was so upset. I finally said just fix the furnace. He made a call I assume to his office to find out where to go for gas valve. He already knew before he ever came the make, model and serial number to my furnace. He quoted me a price for flame sensor/ignitor at $90.00, when he came back he said mine costed more at $119.75.

He started to remove gas valve and was having a hard time getting madder and madder then looked at his watch and said oh this job is going to mess up my whole day, it’s taking too long and coming to this side of town is going to put him behind. Again from the beginning I asked if he didn’t want to come to where I live, I’d wait for places by me. He went outside to get a different tool then all of a sudden made a statement to me, what do you do all day? I felt insulted, he was there to service a furnace. I had worked 7 days a week for over 25 years. He continued complaining about the furnace and the time. When it came time to take out other part he said stupid furnace I can’t get it out. Then when putting new same part in he was having a hard time putting it in and turned to me and sarcastically said why don’t you make yourself useful, he wanted me to shine a flashlight so he could see better. His attitude was becoming horrible. My phone was ringing upstairs and I made a statement it was my probably my mom, said she was concerned. Again more sarcasm, Sam stated why don’t you get out of here and answer your phone.

My home and I was being treated and talked to with total disrespect and totally unprofessional.

He put the gas valve he took out and threw in box to take with him, I wanted old parts and I should have said leave it here but I didn’t know what he was going to do next. I did grab my flame sensor/ ignitor part and put it in another room in basement so he couldn’t take it. I shouldn’t have had to hide anything. I should have had the right to my old parts.

When both parts were in he turned furnace back on but nothing happened, it took him 15 min.’s to realize he had forgotten to turn the gas on, further angering him. With everything now on, something that had never happened prior, glow bar, flame sensor/igniter were now glowing then going back out. I was very upset. The furnace had never done this type of thing.

After 4,5 times it finally ignited and furnace was running. He then walked around to other side of furnace and then stated oh I hate these air filters and grabbed handle and ripped the entire box from its space with such force he broke 4 of my 6 spacers that hold filter in place and now all 6 were displaced. This is a 2400 space Guard filter that fits my model of furnace. It is pleated, the spacers (like big combs) fit into every pleat. I had became very very upset and said omg I have to put these all in place, he shouted at me Fine put them all back and walked away. I said you broke 4 ends off that snap into frame, he said that thing is garbage. I hate those things. He didn’t care that he broke these parts. I was now in tears while putting my filter back together. He was completely irate.

These spacers cost $75.00 online, cannot be bought individually. They come by the 6 that is needed.

He say’s I’m finished here, went upstairs and gave me the bill.

1 Smart Valve $488.00
1 MH Igniter For Smart Valve $119.75
For the call instead of 89.00 a charge of $119.00.. Total $726.75

I filled out check that my Mom had signed. He said again I must take your picture because nobody’s going to believe you look like my sister, I said fine and he took it with his phone. Sam Ciamillo left my home at 11:45AM, 15 mins. after he left the furnace went out. Loud noises were coming from the furnace heard upstairs, I went downstairs the parts were glowing then going back out, furnace would not ignite. I immediately called the office at 12:03PM and said my God the furnace is right back to not igniting, it was a Betty that answered the phone, she said hang on, was connected with Sam and told him furnace was not working. He told me turn the thermostat to 80, I did and furnace came on but I said now what, I can’t leave my heat on this temperature and he hung up. I called right back to his phone, he said turn it back down and wait for next cycle. For the next 2-3 hours this furnace was hit and miss, it was clicking on and off but not igniting. I finally called Sam back at 2:46PM and said the furnace was not working, he was mad and said well I fixed it. I said sir it would be running if fixed, he said well it was running when I left. He told me stop paying attention to it???

I called again at 4:41PM and left a message furnace was not working.

He called me back at 5:11PM and I am quoting him, ” lady if you don’t have anything better in your life to do then to call me and chew me out every minute”

I stated sir I am calling you because I gave you a great deal of money, you proclaimed I needed a new gas valve, and another part there was nothing wrong with you said that had to be replaced to work with new gas valve. You put them in and my furnace is now in worst shape than before you did anything. He stated I fixed your furnace and hung up.

In the mean time from the time he left and furnace went back out my Mom had called many times now very very upset and said now what do we do, I gave him all this money.

Finally got angry and called back at 8:48PM and left Sam a message. I stated you know I used your company because I thought an Italian would be honest with me, you came to my home replaced parts that didn’t fix anything, you insulted me multiple times with very sarcastic remarks I don’t know who you think you are talking to. I am a 58-year-old grown woman who worked 7 days a week for over 25 years, you are not talking to an imbecile or a dog in the street to have been treated and spoken to like this. You’ve been paid but nothing is fixed, furnace is as broken as when you came here only it’s actually worst and this is totally unacceptable. Not only that you over charged me for the service call by $30.00 to what we agreed on.

At 9:52PM Sam called me and told me he would be back in morning and said he would give me the $30.00 overcharge it was his mistake., I told him I would not just let the inducer fan run and run. I said furnace is not running and I’m switching thermostat to off. He said that’s OK. I’ll call you in morning to when to put back on.

Tuesday Dec. 1, 2015

Sam called just at 8:00AM and told me to turn on furnace and stated he hopes not running when he gets there and would come within 3 hours.

While waiting I decided to call and talk to his daughter, at 9:35AM the furnace was still trying to ignite but parts kept clicking and going out and I called the office. Christina answered and I explained all the things that had occurred the previous day, the remarks in my home, on the phone and him breaking my spacers in air filter. She said over and over OMG I am so sorry. It’s none of my father’s business to have asked you what you do all day, she said I would have been insulted if somebody spoke to her like that. Then she asked me a question, I’m quoting her exactly ” did my Dad make a remark that you looked like his sister?” I said yes, when I opened the door he looked like his face dropped, before he left he took my picture. Christina stated I’m going to tell you something but don’t tell my Dad, him and his sister had a very toxic relationship. Her words.

I said Christina with due respect I’m not his sister. I am a customer that called his company to find out what was wrong with my furnace and fix it, I’m a customer and complete stranger to him. She stated I know but you looking like her triggered something in my Dad. I was astonished and at this point didn’t know what to think. That furnace tried to ignite for almost 2 hours and finally did as we were on the phone, she told me she had talked to her Dad that morning about his behavior at my house. She knew from brief talks with me on first day but not to the extent of that Tues. morning. She explained to me she had told him, look this woman isn’t your sister. This was a 45.21 conversation with the daughter. Sam arrived at my home before 10:30AM, I told him the furnace started just before 10:00AM as I was talking to his daughter, I gave no details of the conversation.

Again I asked him to please check the thermostat again he ignored me and went to the basement. He turned off the furnace then back on, now he could see how it was acting, it didn’t ignite and run and parts were glowing on and off. I said Mr. Ciamillo yesterday you never tested anything, your claimed I needed a gas valve and said the flame sensor/igniter went with new gas valve. You said the white stuff proved a bad gas valve, he looked at me and completely changed that story. Now he was saying that white residue and I quote him “was from the crappy gas we get from gas company/DTE” and didn’t want to talk about this now. I asked him why he wrote on the bill loose circuit board, he hadn’t even removed bottom panel where the circuit board was at to examine anything there. It wasn’t loose. He stated OH you will probably need that to, they go bad. End of that conversation by him.

He said I’m going to call a crew member, asking and telling this person what would make a furnace slow to ignite?

I put in a new gas valve and again continued the lie “and the igniter that goes with it”. They told him maybe a dirty pilot. He took a big giant pipe wrench out and then started hitting the day lights inside the furnace on side of the burners. I was horrified watching this. Hitting it while saying Oh lots of dust and dirt, he slammed the side 6-7 times as hard as he could then flipped the furnace back on, looked back at me and said now don’t you do this. I replied I wouldn’t think of ever doing this. Hit the side again another 6 times, Flames were shooting in and out of burners, I thought he would break the entire furnace. He said oh don’t worry about furnace exploding these things have many safety features.

I said is this how you properly clean the pilot, he was sarcastic and said what you think, I’m going to take everything apart to clean it? That would be a cleaning charge. Then he said this was probably the problem to begin with, yet he told me I needed new gas valve. I was beyond upset. He hit the side a couple more times then flipped the furnace back off and on, again parts glowed and went back out three times then ignited and ran. He said it should be fine now.

Then all of a sudden for no reason he took off bottom door and turned the main blower fan to air conditioning high-speed (I had never used the air as I hate air conditioning) and say’s there your house wasn’t getting enough heat. He say’s I’m an airflow expert. I never had a problem not getting enough heat, I said all this is going to do is run up my DTE bill, please turn it back to where it was and he ignored me. Now he was looking at all the venting up around furnace and say’s this is all wrong, no wonder the furnace wasn’t working right. I said I bought the house from original owner, this furnace was put in, in 1996 and said if the venting was all wrong the furnace would have ceased to function long ago. I never had a problem until Nov. 2015, over 3 years having owned home. From a gas valve, to dirty pilot to now the vents were all wrong. Then he stated I probably needed a new circuit board, there is nothing wrong with the circuit board.

Then he said now what more can I do for you this morning, I can’t sit here and baby sit the furnace for you and he left. The furnace ran until it caught up with the temperature setting, when the temp got low and next time thermostat called for heat the furnace went back to not igniting. I was crying and upset and at 11:50AM called Sam and said furnace is not fixed, slamming the furnace to clean supposed dirty pilot didn’t fix the problem. The furnace wouldn’t ignite and come on. He told me I’m fed up with you and hung up. I called the office back and talked to his daughter again and told her everything that happened at house that day in detail, she said let me talk to my Dad. I called again in total from the two calls we talked for over 26 mins. Now this daughter who had been apologetic earlier in morning had become not so nice and stated her Dad would not come back. I said you can’t just do this to people, two visits here and furnace is still broken.He lied, changed stories and nothing had been fixed

My mom had called, she asked was it fixed and told her everything he did and no furnace was in same shape. She said well what are we going to do, this man has come twice and repaired nothing and she was out $727.00. It wasn’t until after the second visit and still broken furnace she said I wonder if I can stop the check, it would cost her money to do this. She was very very upset, she had an apt. to get her pace maker checked that day. Afterwards before 4:00PM she went to the bank and put a stop on the check, it cost her $35.00 to do this and she was told it may take 7-10 days too see if cleared or stopped. During her apt. she had a very severe angina attack and they had to run down the hall to get her heart doctor, she told her doctor all what was going on. She never told me all this until I went there after midnight when she got sicker. I was scared she would have a heart attack over all this and was sorry I ever asked for the help.

I had called the person who came on Nov. 18th, he said why did you allow this furnace guy to talk you into getting a gas valve I tested it and told you it was fine, there was nothing wrong with it. He wanted Sam’s number and I gave it to him, he called Sam then called me back. He said Sam was trying to double talk him without success because he had told him he was also a licensed contractor who did hgt. and cooling for 20 years. I called the same furnace parts stores I had before, North American and Servall and was told by both places the two in one part Flame Sensor and Igniter don’t go with new Gas Valves, they go with the model of furnace not with gas valve models. One has nothing to do with the other. and reality is these are common parts furnace companies already carry in trucks. This particular part is interchangeable with 20-30 plus furnace models and years. Both places stated you were taken.

That office wasn’t calling me back so I called back hours later. Christina’s demeanor now had completely changed. She sarcastically stated we are going to send out our other technician Carl tomorrow to turn your fan back to the speed it was at and it will be the last time we come to your house. My Dad is going to talk to Carl before he comes, you must do what Carl say’s is wrong and tells you what to do (as if I’m a two yr. old child?) and if you don’t want to listen to what needs to be done then we cannot do anything else for you. I found it all insulting and like they already knew what was going to be now wrong and said before he ever came. I said I want my old gas valve back, it should have never left my house but now had been in their possession for two days. She didn’t like the remark, I didn’t care. He lied and acted irrational in my house and could have tampered with it.

They have put in parts they claimed I needed, two visits and nothing had been fixed, on the contrary I now had broken air filter spacers I didn’t have before any visit from this company and my furnace was slammed repeatedly, then flipping fan speed to high for no sane reason.

Wednesday Dec. 2. 2015

Mom got sick in middle of night again with angina attacks, I called Ciamillo company and left message to when I would be home wed., I called them at 10:38AM and said I was home, the daughter told me that they would send Karl. Again she stated you have to do what Carl finds wrong???

He arrived about 11:30AM and my ex-boyfriend was there this time, he had come over Tues. and saw it wasn’t working.. The first thing I asked is please check my thermostat, he ignored the request and went downstairs. Furnace was on but not igniting or running, he took out orange meter and hung it on furnace but never used it. He touched something and furnace immediately came on, I asked him what did he do but wouldn’t answer the question. He made a statement well don’t tell my boss but I’m going to put you in a thermostat, I’m doing this on my own. Within 2 minutes he totally contradicted that statement. Now he say’s well Sam said he owes you $30.00 and if OK with you this will offset the overcharge. So Sam had told him to do this already. Carl asked did Sam see this sticker on your furnace that the HSI aka ignitor was put in, in Sept. 2011 I said yes and I had also told him there wasn’t anything wrong with this part, it never failed to make fire. I said Sam used scare tactics to get me to agree with replacing the part and when I said no there wasn’t anything wrong with it then he proclaimed that it would not work with new gas valve. Carl answered that is not right, one has nothing to do with other I would have never replaced it knowing it had been replaced in 2011.

Carl stated I don’t know what Sam stated or did here but I’m going to tell him like it is boss or no boss, all this was an act. I remarked he was angry the entire time he put in both parts first day, Carl stated Sam gets very frustrated because he’s missing two fingers. I told him about the fan speed, he asked why did he switch that? and shook his head. He said I will put it back to where it was. I asked how many speeds does it have, he said it only has two speeds low and high.

He asked where thermostat was and I showed him, it took him a long time to put it in.

Now the first time the furnace came on and in perfect sequence ignited and ran..until later that night.

All those expensive parts I was told I needed and thermostat made it run. He went downstairs collected his things, went to truck and gave me my old gas valve and some other pieces to new valve that Sam had kept. Some conversion thing? He wrote out a bill receipt with a charge of $135.00 Non T Stat, waived for overcharge. He kept pointing to left side of it where he wrote “found ticket that HSI was replaced in 2011, may not have needed new HSI. will talk to office about this. both me and ex were standing there and he said I will fight to get your money back but they want your old one. I stated why, it’s the only evidence that there wasn’t a thing wrong with it. Then he made a statement “Well it’s a usable part” I said nothing but me and ex just looked at each other. Carl left.

Everything seemed fine with furnace now but in the middle of the night a brand new problem that never ever existed. When thermostat stop calling for heat and went it to cool down mode, now the inducer fan was coming on and off like the furnace was trying to start back up, never in all the time I’ve owned home did this ever occur nor before this company stepped foot in my home. I got up out of bed and looked at thermostat and noticed it wasn’t reaching the temp it was set on, so it kept calling for heat. At times it would be normal, all thermostats if set on a certain degree the thermostat goes one degree above. so if on 66, it will go to 67 then go into cool down mode. All rest of night and most of morning it did this, it was maddening. The furnace had never did this before, not once. This thermostat was a White and Rodgers 70 series with Ciamillo Heat & Cool with phone number on it. The thermostat that was put on was defective. Another used part???

Thursday Dec. 3, 2015

I finally called their office at 12:14PM, Christina answered and told her well furnace finally running but explained a new problem after this thermostat put in, she began to yell we want that ignitor, to now bring it to them where they were at in Warren. She stated that she should have had Carl get the other one back out. I asked was it used? Because if new as many times as it glowed on and off for two days not igniting I felt it wasn’t new anymore. still irate and yelling she said well this is something for you to think about. I had been scammed out of $727.00 and it took another thermostat to make furnace run. It didn’t need gas valve and her Dad lied about ignitor going with new valve. Now in cool mode inducer fan going on and off over and over. She yelled what did Carl tell you, you need new control board??? It’s on the bill.

Never while Carl was at my house did he say anything about control board, nothing at all he never examined it. All he did was switch fan speed back to where it was at prior to Sam switching it and I never looked at right side of bill when he left, he wanted the focus to be on what he wrote that I never needed the ignitor on left side. I got the bill and read right side: 1 – Found vacuum hose too long, cut back to fit right. 2 – Found thermostat to be old and had to change temp with buttons. 3 Found main control board to have discoloring and wear around resistors. Recommendations: May need new control board. End

Carl didn’t find hose to long, I am the one who brought this up. Thermostat was old and my furnaces Circuit/Control board has Nothing discolored or wear around anything. The thing looks brand new. Model number and all other things written on it crystal clear.

As Christina told me, My Dad is going to talk to Carl before he comes, you must do what Carl say’s is wrong and tells you what to do and if you don’t want to listen to what needs to be done then we cannot do anything else for you.

We were on the phone for over 9 mins. she said I will have Carl call you and hung up. He called, I was in bathroom so i called back at 1:03PM. He got on the phone and I could hear Christina tell him put call on speaker phone, he did because phone has a different tone. I told him this on and off back and forth never occurred before and he laughed, I said this is funny, there was something wrong with this thermostat. Then started lying through his teeth, said I told you that when you put in new gas valves new control boards should go in too, I said really. He said you want furnace fixed a new control board will cost you $482.00 and another service call, and venting is all wrong. That was Sam on second day, from a gas valve to venting.

Carl went on for 19:00 mins like this as if he was giving a performance. I could hear Christina in the background. The last thing Carl said to me, you’re crazy and you need a new control board and I don’t want to hear anymore fucking bullshit and slammed the phone down. I was appalled at the language.

I called back 5 minutes later, Christina answers the phone and I said real professional company and people huh. She said Oh who is this I don’t even know what you are talking about, I said you have caller ID and know exactly who this is. How dare him swear at me like that, talking like she’s crazy Oh I don’t believe Carl would ever say those things, then she said we have nothing further to discuss, you refuse to have your furnace fixed and hung up.

Dec. 8, 2015

Sam Ciamillo called my house at 8:48AM and again at 10:11AM, he left a message which I still have on my voice-mail and was recorded. He also had called my Mom’s house and left a message to the effect I can’t talk to your daughter “She is way out there” and told her he was informed by his bank the check had been stopped and he is taking her to court not her daughter where the furnace calls took place, but taking her to court but it’s your daughter doing this to her not him on and on. I told her don’t erase it so I could record it, but she said every time somebody called and left a message his would come on and it upsetted her. She ended up erasing it.

The message he left me was more of the same. He fixed nothing but actually damaged parts that were fine. He went on, You are going to put your mother through a lot because he’s taking her to court to the fullest extent of the law. on and on.

I called Sam at 11:04AM and all he did was yell and talk over me, he stated I’m taking your Mother to court so you’re not going to be allowed to talk, only her. You can’t talk then hung up.

I called the office I told Christina do not contact my Mom again, they had made her sick to the point of severe angina attacks and had caused enough upset. Christina’s demeanor went back into nice mode after they knew check had been stopped, she had the audacity to state I didn’t give them a chance?

I said are you kidding? your truck sat in my driveway for 3 straight days and still the furnace was not fixed, on top of it they let their worker swear vulgarities at me while in the same office. I said did I speak like that to your Dad, to you, Betty (their other receptionist), Carl anybody like this to have him speak to me like this? She said nothing, then I said I had to be dragged into the history of bad blood in their family because I looked like somebody, she immediately hung up.

The total number of incoming and outgoing calls from the first visit through 4 days (Nov. 30th-Dec.3rd) with this company 18, with 3 more on Dec. 8. In all 21 calls. Almost 3 hours.

The day my Mom decided to go to bank it caused so much stress she suffered a severe angina attack while having pace maker checked. But two days later on Dec. 4th in the middle of the night my blood pressure went to 215/119 and I don’t even suffer with hypertension, I landed in my Dr.’s office that morning. These calls are also on vonage print out. Using this company had turned into a nightmare, not with just the furnace but with our health over the stress. And Sam Ciamillo sued?

The furnace continued to run with Ciamillio thermostat but with the new problem of inducer fan now coming on and off in cool down mode. No longer could I stand this. On Dec.21, 2015 I went to Lowes and bought brand new Honeywell thermostat for $26.49, on Dec. 23, 2015 a friend came over and put it in (I also had a notarized letter from him witnessing what furnace was doing, that judge would never see). Instantaneously in cool down mode after temp was reached never again did this inducer fan do this. Thermostat functioned properly, everything functioned properly. In the end all this furnace needed was new thermostat. I have the Honeywell box and receipt. I also have theirs sitting in drawer.

All these parts, Gas Valve that did not fix furnace, never needed different ignitor and Control/Circuit board is fine, something else they also attempted to get me to buy. There isn’t anything wrong with it. It is not loose (after everything being hit with pipe wrench second visit I don’t know) or worn, discolored or anything else. That would have been another $482.00 down the drain.

I did not encounter furnace repair people with Ciamillo Hgt. & Cooling, I encountered Salesmen who tested nothing and fixed nothing. In reality Sam Ciamillo did not fix but instead caused further damage by breaking my air filter spacers that weren’t broken. Flipping fan speeds for no reason, taking a giant pipe wrench and slamming my burners. This man looked and acted like he wanted to break everything, it was all sheer insanity and unprofessionalism. It was a relief when the check had been stopped.

Until on May 19th, 2016 in the 37th District Court Michael A. Chupa who didn’t want to see any evidence I had with me or hear how many calls took place with this company: instead judged me by the first question he asked of my mom, why were you paying for this? Then made a sarcastic statement: I need a new back porch would you like to pay for it? This 85 yr. old woman stated I was helping my daughter out and no I don’t want to pay for your porch.

I was my moms legal power of attorney, she should have immediately stated that but at 85 was nervous never having had to go through anything like this, Chupa knew it too.

She knew why she was helping me out. Because for 30 years I worked 7 days a week without a day off, the kind of work I did was all physical. Because of the work I did with race horses she knew I was racked with severe arthritis from the neck down, she knew I had peripheral neuropathy, she knew I had lumbar disease, she knew I had two  disintegrating knees and she knew the rest that was none of this judges business. She didn’t have to explain I fell on hard times and was now living off a dwindling savings account. But he had already judged me. Pathetic considering what he should have been focused on.

The facts of this small claims case against her and all that I had with me that he did not want to see or hear.

Pictures of the damage to my air filter with broken spacers ends caused by Sam Ciamiilo. Where there are no ends is what he broke off when he grabbed the handle and ripped it out of where it sits. After all he hates these filters, well as you can see by the first picture this is the filter that fits the furnace. There were no ends broke off prior to him coming to my home and causing this damage and unapologetic as well.

air filter 1

air filter 2


Michael A. Chupa didn’t want to hear about the calls. I had all the documented calls printed out, again straight from the vonage account. Any educated individual would realize when a customer keeps calling it’s because what the company came to the house for Was Not Fixed but on the contrary. When a heating and cooling company’s trucks sits in a customers driveway 3 days in a row, it is because the furnace Was Not Fixed.

Sam Ciamillio stood there under oath and lied through his teeth, no diagnostics took place. He touched a wire period. His method of testing. I let a fan run for 30 hours so he could test to find out what was wrong then he tested nothing. His Tech Carl lied stating other things could have been wrong with aging furnace, in reality with that statement he basically said it wasn’t the gas valve that was the problem. Did it go over that judge’s head? On his bill it stated thermostat was old.

Ciamillo’s Claim on Dec. 14, 2015.

“Customer stopped payment on check after work was completed during a furnace repair”.

What he didn’t state, this was at my home and nothing got repaired.

The reason the check was stopped after the second visit by this company on Dec. 1, 2015, because the parts Ciamillo proclaimed it needed Did Not Fix The Furnace. We all know that the ignitor did not go with a new gas valve, there was nothing wrong with the one in there.

Even when my ex-boyfriend who was also called as a witness stated he was there and the furnace was not fixed, it didn’t seem to matter to Michael A. Chupa. None of us got a chance to hardly speak, he let Ciamillo spend the most time speaking his lies. I was not allowed another word. I don’t believe this case took 15 minutes. Chupa asked me was there a signed contract showing me the bill. I stated no, the bill was signed when he gave it to me. The Judgement by Chupa was:

“When you get services you must pay for them” and awarded Ciamillo $607.00.

The money this man robbed us of, but the wisdom of an 85 years old woman to stop the robbery in the end failed when a judge handed the thieves right back the money. How proud for all of them. The furnace scammer and the judicial system. A Warren business owner, a Warren Court and Judge.

In Jan. 2016 Ciamillo paid a court processor to come bang on my 85 yr. old mom’s door at her condo three times early in the morning. She never connected it with this and thought it was somebody selling things, she doesn’t answer doors that early. All it did was scare her being woke up like this. Ciamillo knew she suffered with heart problems. A document was finally taped on her door, then certified mail (that could have been done with to begin with).

A neighbor friend of my mom’s who is a retired lawyer (had a severe stroke 11 yrs. ago) talked her into counter-suing, also seem to take over which I did not care for. So many unnecessary legal documents full of mistakes being sent in. To me was nothing but a waste of time. It was a small claims case not a murder trial.

Nevertheless this judge fit right in with the crook. Wanting no true facts at all, hell I wasn’t even able to bring in this company’s defective thermostat through security so it sat out in-car. Didn’t want to see the new thermostats box and receipt that was there with me as I stood, didn’t want to realize the only thing that fixed the furnace and the only thing needed was a brand new thermostat not a used one that Ciamillo had put in just to make another part go haywire so he could sell me another $482.00 part I didn’t need.

The Control board is fine.

Gas valve replaced, not needed
A perfectly functioning ignitor replaced, not needed.
Neither fixed anything.
No broken air filter spacers, Now Broke.

Michael A. Chupa says but you must pay for these services. I shake my head at all this and you wonder why this society is as screwed up as it is.

I was a fool to get duped, the gas valve had already been tested. I should have shown Sam Ciamillo to the door the moment he tested nothing and he kept looking at me and shaking his head (the sister thing).

But no human being deserves this. Then to drag a customer into your own family troubles. As I stated that was a 45:21 call that Dec. 1 morning with his daughter, half of it apologizing for her dad’s erratic behavior the other half telling me how he and his sister had a toxic relationship and me looking like her triggered his mind.

A complete stranger who called a furnace company. If one cannot distinguish who is a sibling you hate from a person you have never seen before, you need help.

Not only is Ciamillo Heating and Cooling a bunch of rip offs but they are nuts as well. He broke things that weren’t broken and fixed absolutely nothing. A damn shame and he got rewarded for it. Such a proud man. To think I used his company because of my heritage.

He is a disgrace to every Italian out there.

It was a horrible experience and pray I never have to go through this again with any company or individual. He got me at a very vulnerable moment of being very cold, stressed and exhausted but never again will somebody ever do this to me.

Too bad my mom had to get ripped off a second time by a judge.

That is even the sadder part.

A formal complaint is going to be lodged against Michael A. Chupa to the Judicial Tenure Commission.

Judgement is based on facts in any courtroom, you made sure none actually came out. You silenced what was truth. Evidence including the broke off ends to my spacers un-viewed. Pay for services and what were they? Some common sense please.

Ciamillo Heating & Cooling was a Living Nightmare that went on for 5 months.

Not repair, Salesmen. They lie and change stories. I’m not the first victim nor the last. Beware.

Maybe others have had a different experience with them, then again maybe you didn’t have the misfortune of looking like Sam Ciamillo’s sister. I still wonder to this day why I had to listen to all of this and then made to suffer for it.

As for the judge in this case, you need to get a job and work for a living.


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