Zenyatta Officially Retired

Thank God


I have said every single thing I can say about this Magnificent Beauty.


What more can be said that her record doesn’t say? It speaks blasting volumes of a Champion.

$7,304,580 in earnings

She ran 20 races, and she was Victorious in all of them. May God Bless her with the Love and the Care every animal on this earth deserves. This grand lady’s performances will forever be etched in every Horse Racing Fans Heart, and then some. People who never watched a horse race in their lives tuned in to the ones Zenyatta raced in and became fans of her. She showed us her heart and in her retirement may she always be shown the hearts of those whose job now will be to take care of her.

Zenyatta, you were one exciting riding wave to watch!

May your life be a long one and be treated with the same love and joy your Heart gave to so many.


November 8, 2009…6:48 am


January 17, 2010…7:12 am

Zenyatta to race again. But Why?

November 7, 2010…12:05 pm

Zenyatta To Blame. Perfect Description.

Zenyatta at 4-6? Months Old

Groom Mario Espinoza

Number one FOREVER….

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