John Coltrane & Duke Ellington ~ A Masterpiece of Jazz ~ In a Sentimental Mood ~ Song into the night

Composed, Recorded and Released in 1935 by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra. Lyrics were later written for the song by Irving Mills and Manny Kurtz.

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane Jazz Album was Recorded in 1962 and Released in 1963.

Duke Ellington – piano
John Coltrane – tenor saxophone
Aaron Bell – bass
Elvin Jones – drums

Where in the world do you start with either of these men? Both phenomenal talents who created enough music alone to last a thousand life times. And some would say why write a Blog on Coltrane featuring a Duke Ellington composition?

And I’ll say because tonight my mood is on ” Trane “. One of the best Saxophonists of all time. Whether Tenor, Alto or Soprano. Like Blues, Jazz is total improvisation. While your playing it most times you have no idea yourself where your Heart or your Soul is going to take you. And what will pour out of it in the expression of Muse.

And Duke Ellington wrote this song in the spur of the moment at a dance right there and then.

It’s something the players themselves will tell you when they start a composition they may know where they want to go, but when the playing starts the inner depths guides what really comes out. To me this is where both Duke and Trane’s take on ” In a Sentimental Mood ” came from. And this was the best musical version of it that has been recorded to date.

John Coltrane was in a league of his own. Get him, Bird, Miles, Thelonious Monk and a few others and their playing could make you think you were in Heaven.

But like so many talents his life was cut so short because of drug use. Only 40 when he died in 67. So sad in so many ways because you think how much more they could have contributed with time. There were musicians that were so ahead of their time as it was. Even with Jimi Hendrix. There was so much more he was exploring but the Label literally limited him. In the 20 years of a career Trane had. He produced numerous Compositions that were Masterpieces of Jazz.

Equinox was my ultimate favorite and Giants Steps was played in a time period that had never heard the music put together ( modal jazz ) like Coltrane did with that number. Bebop, Hard Bop, Free Jazz. Trane innovated it all. But in reality the way Coltrane put together ” Giant Steps ” was as ingenious as Duke putting together “In a Sentimental Mood”. Modal Jazz compared to a musical technique called contrapuntal. The Duke and Trane had that same exquisite talent for instantaneously composing a Masterpiece and doing in such a way it came out to perfection.

In so many ways Trane was the Sax talent equal to Charlie ( Bird ) Parker and the Duke’s Piano playing. Their type of playing was so in sync they make your mind explode trying to compute what your ears are hearing.

It is Pure Unbelievable Magic.


For real music enthusiasts and players. This next video was put together in an extraordinary approach to posting one. I encourage you to click onto the video and watch in on You Tube and click onto the Info Tab for further explanation.

~ Jazz ~

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