Zenyatta To Blame. Perfect Description.

I cannot say anymore about this Beautiful Horse than I said a year ago.


” Exquisite ”

But I thought she should have been retired then. Zenyatta’s loss isn’t a defeat in any way. But I feel her Owners robbed her of something that some people only look at. Some perfect record. She already earned that Title. So if you want to Blame anybody Blame her Owners. Personally I would have rathered seen her Retire Undefeated. And as far as I’m concerned Jerry and Ann Moss are selfish. Winning the same Breeders Cup Classic against the boys last year wasn’t enough for them at 14-0. They had to keep going. And some will tell me well she won 5 more and only lost by a head Saturday. And I’ll tell them the same thing as the January Blog said when it was announced she would return to racing in 2010.

Zenyatta to race again. But Why?

To me it wouldn’t have been worth the possible injury or worst, breaking down. These are not machines. They are Beautiful, Loving, Feeling, Noble Animals. And I felt sad for her today. Because for the first time she didn’t get to go where she was used to after a race. To that spot where they take my picture.

That’s what she looked like walking away from that race. Yet she ran her heart out as always.

Look nobody was yelling at the top of her lungs louder than me today. Sitting there screaming at a TV, GO, GO, GO then screaming Ahhhhhhhh. But I’ll tell you something I prayed and did the sign of the cross about 6 different times before that race. Just praying nothing happened to her in the race. But that’s me. I love these Horses, because I know they feel every single emotion that we do. All you have to do is look into their eyes. I wanted her to win this same race like everybody, but I would have been happy if she had been retired last year after her Breeder’s Cup Classic Dynamic Performance then. At 14-0 that would have satisfied me and I would of never looked back. It shouldn’t always be about PEOPLE. At times when an Animal has given you all that they can. It is inevitable that a loss would come at some point and you know why.

Because that is life.

It’s like the Movie ” Young Man With The Horn ” when the character at a point in the movie that was trying for a note that didn’t exist. It’s human and animal nature that some things in life just refuse to happen. We want them to but it is what it is and you can’t change that. Saturday was a people’s expectations who wanted this, not the horse. For the Horse surpassed that expectation on November 7, 2009. That Race was one of the most exciting races I think I ever witnessed. Zenyatta is a Winner in every single respect. And her loss Saturday wasn’t her fault or her Jockey’s Mike Smith. And of all people Mike Smith should know this more than anybody.

For on any given day we can win, lose, achieve, make a mistake, accomplish, and experience defeat. And none of this adds up to anything that can even be remotely defined or described as Failure. It’s just not in this scenario’s picture. Different race track surface could of been a factor, maybe she couldn’t grab it as fast as other surfaces. Who knows and how does anyone predict anything in a horse race. If a horse could talk they would tell us something. Sometimes they do but people just don’t listen. Zenyatta got beat by two Blame’s, another horse Saturday who was the best in the race for that day, it doesn’t mean he was the best. But you can’t take nothing away from Blame. He won the race. He had owners that had the same wants and dreams as others. But you can’t take anything away from Zenyatta either. Because it was her owners that just couldn’t be satisfied with the fact that she had already perfected Perfection. And this loss didn’t change that for me in any shape,  manner or form. Some people just don’t know when to quit. But the Quest was won long ago. And my prayer was answered. She came back safe and to me that was the most important thing that Happened Saturday.

Everything must have a conclusion and Victory is defined differently by people. How many lengths did she come from and did she not come like that same freight train. As far as the word Perfection? Zenyatta defined it 20 times, but there are some people who will never get it. Whether a couple of strides more or not. She will always remain Victorious.


How can you not look at that and say Man, what an awesome unbelievable achievement. The Talent, Power, Will and Heart.

I hope she knows how Loved and Adored she is. And she deserves every single aspect of Respect. May she now live out the rest of her life running free on acres of a Farm. Your A Champion Baby, and everybody including you knows it. You didn’t lose a thing, nor did Mike Smith. We hoped but not a thing was lost. Zenyatta went out in a Grand Style probably never to be  matched again. Enjoy your retirement. May it be a long long life.  And be treated with the same love and joy your Heart gave to so many.


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