” Exquisite ”

A title that she herself earned through her performances.
14 Races, 14 Wins.

Saturday this 5 year old mare did something no other female ever did since the first Breeder’s Cup Classic in 1984. Win that main race, usually run with only the boy’s.

After the completely awkward start and breaking as bad as she did. Both Horse and Jock kept their composure. Mike Smith maneuvered the rest of the course better than a race car driver, changing lanes whether clear openings were there or not. When he saw that some were going to be closed off, he saved ground in any manner he could. Then Zenyatta herself kicked in going pass all. The last 70 yards of the race I’m not sure who guided who the most, or who was the most determined. What a move & what a horse!

A Horse definitely needs a excellent pilot to guide them through a field of 12 horses. But in the end it’s the Horse who executes that final action. And Saturday Zenyatta did it with the perfection she’s had in all 14 starts. In my opinion this was one of the most exciting races I ever watched. From last to a freight train that couldn’t reach it’s designation fast enough. This Horse had me screaming at the top of my lungs. And if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, I’ll take a closer than a front runner any day.

At DRC Myakka Joe was that living proof. Before every race today I said an out loud prayer, just bring them all home safe Lord. Just bring them all home safe. And I’ve got to admit before this race, Eight Belle’s was on my mind. Thank God, there was a triumph outcome without a tragedy Saturday.

I don’t know who will be the Horse of the year. But whoever they decide,
nothing or no one can take anything away from this Mare.

Zenyatta won the most prestigious race of not only her career but of the year. The 2009 Breeder Cup Classic with a $5 million dollar purse. And she did it with Class, Style, and most of all ….. HEART!

A mile and a quarter with the boys and came out on top.

What an absolutely Beautiful Powerful Performance. A race that will never be forgotten in the sport of Horse Racing ever. This one went down into the History Books for all time.

Breeders Cup Horse Racing


Breeders Cup Horse Racing

Breeders Cup Horse Racing

Now this is a Smile on a Horse if I ever saw one!

Breeders Cup Horse Racing


1/4 …………… :24.16
1/2 …………… :47.88
3/4 …………… 111:88
1 mile ………… 136:88
1 1/4 …………. 200:62

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