Zenyatta to race again. But Why?

Zenyatta to race in 2010 as a 6 year old.


They just couldn’t leave Greatness alone. There is nothing else this mare should have to prove. Why risk an injury or worst by racing her again?

I mean many who love the sport of horse racing and those who work in racing industry would of loved to see a race off with Rachel Alexandra. That’s only natural and part of the competition game. But this isn’t about that. So Why then?

Idiot owners make a statement “we are in the business to have fun.”

I’d like to bash their faces in. This BUSINESS consists of a living warm blooded breathing life. Maybe just a horses life, but it’s this horses life that is the important part. Not so people can have fun like they’re playing with toys that aren’t breakable. Horses are very breakable, only when they break most times their lives then have to END.

She was suppose to have been retired. And winning that prestigious prize, the Breeder’s Cup Classic was suppose to be her Grand Finale of an absolutely amazing career. But Now? She’s going to do some traveling trying all the different track surfaces. For what? So she can also show her owners not only how she can win, but how she can die?

These Owners are sleaze now in my book, thriving on Greed. They don’t give a rats ass about Zenyatta, it’s like saying piss on her past efforts. And that is a crying shame. I pray and wish for the best for this Horse, who has a hell of a lot more Heart and Class then her Owners.

She should have retired and lived out the rest of her life Free from any future tasks that could endanger her. She EARNED THAT RIGHT.

So why take the chance?

Zenyatta doesn’t want it. Say it like it is, Jerry and Anne Moss just feel like there’s more money to be made.

In it for the Fun?

No they’re in it for even more MONEY. And to have a toy in which to play with but in this case is a alive breathing horse that isn’t unbreakable.

Selfish Stupid people.

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