Saturday: All That Jazz..and Sunday…and Monday. Downtown Detroit!

34TH Annual Detroit Jazz Festival

Stages and Performers on above link along with maps and other info.

Nowhere on this planet is there a better Jazz Festival and all Free.

But not without a lot of contributors and volunteers. It takes a lot of work to put on this yearly Labor Day Weekend Festival. There’s only one problem! So many performers that you may want to see all at the same time.

With 5 stages between Camp Martius and Hart Plaza you will not walk away without being Jazzed out of your skull smiling all the way home. I guarantee your bones will still be jumping and you toes will still be tapping long after the music stops.

Tonight I am looking forward to seeing Dave Brubeck’s 4 sons perform at the main Carhart Stage at 6:00pm. Thank God I had the chance to see him in 06 and he will always be missed. His spirit will definitely be there.

Doubt the national media will give Detroit a mention with this spotlight Jazz Fest, only the ignorant negative.

We Know Better!

So see you there.


Detroit International Jazz Festival



Gerald Wilson Live Detroit Jazz Festival 2010

I Was There, we celebrated Gerald’s 92 B-Day that night. What a Jam Off!


Detroit Jazz Festival


Please Support To Keep It Free

Hot Jazz


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