Tuesday Traffic Jam ~ “Frame For The Blues” ~ Maynard Ferguson and His Orchestra.

After this blazing jazz weekend here in Detroit that was fabulous as usual why not continue on with the sound.

I was blessed to have seen Dave Brubeck’s sons quartet Saturday night followed on the same stage (Carhartt) by McCoy Tyner with one hell of a dancer Savion Glover.

What a rendition of Blue Rondo A La Turk and Take Five by Dave’s sons and band. They did their Dad Proud.

Then onto another (one of five) stage to see the last 45 minutes of the Tony Monaco Trio who took that Hammond B of his straight to church for some straight down jazz into some of the awesomeness blues you’ll ever hear. And back to the main one to hear the rest of the performance of Don Berger’s Orchestra with Cécile Mclorin Salvant

Then Sunday made it down for just one act and what an act and performance it was, the legendary Ahmad Jamal who was absolutely phenomenal. All of them were. Hey when you get to see both Tyner & Jamal consider yourself to be in Jazz Heaven and believe me when Jamal got into Poinciana the thousands there were exactly there. These jazzmen haven’t lost any ability in those magic fingers of theirs.

It was if they were still in their 20s and they took us back into their time of glory, even for those of us that weren’t quite either born yet or old enough. But then getting into jazz in my young teens I knew their music.

Monday night I had planned to catch Joshua Redman but have to admit was just too tired and back aching from all that walking from the last two nights to get down there. And even though Ravi Coletrane whom I also wanted to see & hear happened to be playing on a different stage at the same identical time as Jamal Sat. night hopefully he’ll come back next year.

So the 34th annual Detroit International Jazz Festival has concluded but my soul will remain jazzed out of my skull for some time and can’t think of a finer song than Maynard’s “Framed For The Blues” for this Tuesday back to work & school traffic jam.

Slide Hampton initially composed this song for Maynard’s Birdland Dream Band of 1956 with some massive players not that this orchestra didn’t also have.

Hampton was a member of Ferguson’s band 57′-59′. Of course on this song featured a solo by him as well as Carmen Leggio on tenor. A big band at its best.


Maynard Ferguson _ A Message From Newport

Back Cover _ A Message From Newport

Slide Hampton



Composed & Arranged by Slide Hampton.
Released in 1958 off the album “A Message From Newport”.
This album was not a “Live” one as the cover may lead you to believe but recorded in studio in New York.

Maynard Ferguson – trumpet
Slide Hampton, Don Sebesky – trombone
Willie Maiden, Carmen Leggio – tenor sax
Bob Freedman, Jimmie Ford – alto sax
Jay Cameron – baritone sax
John Bunch – piano
Jimmie Rowser – bass
Jake Hanna – drums

…and had  two more trumpet players that I cannot find the credits on.


Maynard Ferguson 58'


Maynard Ferguson Orchestra 58'

Hot Jazz Trumpter


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