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Saturday: All That Jazz..and Sunday…and Monday. Downtown Detroit!

34TH Annual Detroit Jazz Festival



Stages and Performers on above link along with maps and other info.

Nowhere on this planet is there a better Jazz Festival and all Free.

But not without a lot of contributors and volunteers. It takes a lot of work to put on this yearly Labor Day Weekend Festival. There’s only one problem! So many performers that you may want to see all at the same time.

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Friday Funk ~ The Funk Brothers Receive Star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Yesterday March 21, 2013 Detroit’s own got their due by Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Our treasures, musicians, sound, style, epitome of the definition of Instrumentation.



Surviving members Eddy Willis & Jack Ashford attending this honor. Joe Messina who has been said to be sick viewed the ceremony via a live stream from his Detroit suburban home. To me this should have been done long ago and about time!

Because what you heard on every single one of the Motown Hits you was the music behind the vocals and they were simply called The Funk Brothers. But what a sound they created. No one on this earth could ever duplicate them if they tried.

The were not only Detroit’s legends they were the worlds. They were musics magicians. Extraordinary talents each and every single one of them. And if I repeat myself more than one time on this blog so be it. It cannot be said enough times

This blog will honestly reiterate one I did honoring them on Jan. 2, 2012. Only I switched up what video auto-played. You will be hearing almost 4 hours of ex-tended Motown that features the artists and the music. (sadly already removed by YT)

13 Names….13 of the most outstanding individuals who ever created the most recognizable sound around this whole world totally together.

The Motown Sound and Epitome of Class.

Earl Van Dyke
Robert White
Joe Hunter
Johnny Griffith
Eddie Willis
Joe Messina
William “Benny” Benjamin
Richard “Pistol” Allen
Uriel Jones
The Best Bassist In The World “James Jamerson”
Bob Babbitt
Jack Ashford
Eddie “Bongo” Brown

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Battle Of The Overpass Will Repeat Its History In Michigan And UNIONS Will be Victorious Again.



Walter Reuther and Richard Frankensteen shortly after being attacked by Ford Service men during the “Battle of the Overpass.” The men were beaten for distributing United Auto Workers leaflets outside of the Ford Rouge Plant, Dearborn, Michigan, 23 May 1937.

Blood was shed once and it will again. This battle isn’t over, far from it.

Right To Work? Union Busting Last Cowardly Hurrah for Michigan GOP.


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The World is About to END and it’s all Bob Ficano’s Fault!

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Head Count Day in Detroit for Public School kids. And Target’s Store plans to give out $20k rewards in gift cards to otherwise LOW LIFE PARENTS.

These are the type of stories that ENRAGE me. Rewarding despicable behaviour.

This was on every local news channel Tuesday as if it was a good thing.

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