Hey Charlie Leduff _ It Was The State Of Michigan That Cost The Wayne County Tax Payers On Pinnacle Race Course. Get Your Facts Right.

Another loser reporter that refuses to acknowledge any truth what so ever about why Pinnacle really failed.

Join the WXYZ Full Of Holes Reporters and Reporting.

LeDuff: How did Ficano get his name?

How About: Is There One Real Detroit Journalist That Has The Balls To Report Truth?

I don’t know when I posted about WXYZ’s Crew of Catallo, Conway & Ross Jones. Dear old Ross gave me a call and wanted to talk about my Blogging Points. But guess what, I returned Ross’s calls only for him to RUN……………………….

Doubt If Charlie Leduff is anything different. I said what I had to say under that blog. Not one reporter in this town has the guts of what was at one time real journalism. Now we ELUDE truth.


In 2009 Governor Dumbbell Granholm decided to dissolve the Office Of Racing Commissioner and take Horse Racing from where it had been since they signed Pari Mutual betting into law in 1933, Agricultural and throw our entire Industry under a bus. Horse Racing was placed under the corruption of The Michigan Gaming Control Board whose only responsibility was CASINO’S.

In 2010 they allotted Pinnacle 84 racing days only to take them all back but 3.

It was the Michigan Thoroughbred Horsemen/Women who forked out a $$$ Million Dollars out of their own pockets to make the racing meet that year a go.

Wonder if Charlie Leduff, Mary Conway, Heather Catallo or Ross Jones would WORK FOR FREE. Or fund their respective news stations to stay alive.

Pinnacle didn’t cost the Wayne County tax payers a dime. Michigan did.

But you’re never gonna get any truth out of our local NEWS NETWORK.

They Lie Like Hell.

“They’ll Tell You Any Shit You Want To Hear”. 

Gee, you think Charlie Can Read?

Horse Racing

Maybe if he was a real journalist he wouldn’t have to settle for Comedy. But then if you’re a joke, I guess it is what it is.

And shame on Jimmy Jackson who is on the HBPA Board for going along with this Farce when he’s apart of the very Industry that this State has ripped apart. He had the chance to state what the truth was but he also settled for wanting to just get his fat ass on the screen.

It wasn’t funny when you and your fellow horsemen & women struggled to complete the 2010 meet when the MGCB came back at you for the second time and demanded another $57,000 or else they were going to end the meet right then and there in Sept.So why let yourself be a pawn in the local news media circus of lies?

September 10, 2010 · 8:32 pm

Leduff’s story wasn’t about a horse named “Ficano” it was a lead in so he could rant on the same bullshit story that ALL of the Detroit media has refused to report accurately.

Michigan is the only reason Pinnacle Failed.

They cost EVERYBODY but more importantly are slaughtering the entire Horse Racing Industry and with it the Horsemen/Women their livelihoods.

The blind leading the blind.

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