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Anthony “Tony Z” Zerilli Dies At 87, Detroit Media Silent.

Tony Zerilli

Updated: Wed. April 15 5:58AM.

Funeral Today. April 15, 2015.

Anthony Joseph Zerilli
(October 24, 1927 – March 31, 2015)

Anthony Joseph Zerilli, born October 24, 1927 in Detroit, Michigan to Giuseppi and Josephine Zerilli, passed away of natural causes while residing in his Weston, Florida home with his beloved wife, Rosalie.

His Legacy is carried on by his wife, five children and their spouses, sixteen grandchildren, one step-grandchild, and twelve great-grandchildren.

A Funeral Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 12:00pm At St. Bonaventure Catholic Church, 1301 SW 136 Ave. Davie, Florida 33325. In Michigan, a Memorial Mass will be celebrated on Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 10:00am at St. Lawrence Catholic Church, 44633 Utica Rd. Utica, Michigan 48317

Arrangements by T.M. Ralph Funeral Home Sawgrass/Weston 371 NW 136 Avenue Sunrise, FL 33325 954 587-6888

April 14th,

I did Contact John Wisely of the Detroit Free Press today who did a rather in-depth article on July 15, 2014 when Jack “Blackjack” Tocco died last year at the age of 87 and asked why not the same coverage on Tony Z. His response he didn’t even know he had died.

Seems a lot of people don’t know he died or have chosen to ignore it.

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Charlie Hebdo Freedom of Speech Will Never Die.

Charlie Hebdo


Staff & Victims at Charlie Hebdo


Was there a war where weapons were aimed, drawn and firing?

Journalists, Illustrationists, Satirists using pencils, Cowards came with machine guns and bullets over cartoons. They illustrated a sad example of what in their mind is God, once again demonizing the very thing they worship and they wonder why some question their deranged beliefs. What in-fact was accomplished by this slaughter, that Islam needs to be eradicated from this earth. The very thing the cartoons that upset them made fun of. They themselves convinced it in stone.

This French satirical paper is not dead. It now speaks more loudly and clearly than ever before. Stephane Charbonnier (Charb) along with Cartoonists Georges Wolinski, Jean Cabut and Bernard ‘Tignous’ Verlhac, as well as economist Bernard Maris, two police officers and the rest who were barbarically massacred will live on forever here on Earth and in Heaven.

The terrorists defining what hell is that they come from.

A sad day for France and many families but the Freedom Of Speech will live on, make no mistake about that. The explosions of pencils will be even more alive, drawings of truth the terrorists try to kill.

The sane world stands as one shouting “Je Suis Charlie”.

In Memory of Charlie Hebdo


This is what the Islam extremists God thinks of them.

David Fitzsimmons_In Memory of Charlie Hebdo

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The Class of Detroit TV News has Retired…Diana Lewis

Wednesday was her last newscast for WXYZ, but today there will be a special send off for her on the 5:00PM news. I can honestly say anybody who could have survived with Bill Bonds for so many years…lol and I say that kindly because I thought Bonds was one of the best reporters and news anchor that any city ever had. But when Diana Lewis showed up here in the D’ in 77′ they paired beautifully.

Two strong hard-working the best at what they did personalities.

One thing I was shocked at was her age of 69, (she looks more like 55) but then I don’t know why as I knew she had started her career in 1968. I guess time just flew so fast it just didn’t seem all that long ago.

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Hey Charlie Leduff _ It Was The State Of Michigan That Cost The Wayne County Tax Payers On Pinnacle Race Course. Get Your Facts Right.

Another loser reporter that refuses to acknowledge any truth what so ever about why Pinnacle really failed.

Join the WXYZ Full Of Holes Reporters and Reporting.

LeDuff: How did Ficano get his name?

How About: Is There One Real Detroit Journalist That Has The Balls To Report Truth?

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3,000 In A Darkened Washington Convention Center? A.P. Writer Mark S. Smith on President Obama Speech To Black Caucus.

I don’t know maybe it’s me but you call this a Journalist?

This was Associated Press Mark Smith’s description of the event. And from this idiotic ignorant writing very unbecoming of real honest to God journalism, it sounds with crystal clear clarity to me that Mark S. Smith has a definite problem.

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15 Shot, 6 Dead Within 24 Hours in Detroit. Journalism at its Finest!

The GREAT reporting by Detroit News sources on both the newspaper and flip side TV.

5W’s and 1H is the Basis of any journalism. At least it used to be. Otherwise the REPORT you are given leaves giant holes to the story your attempting to report on. And if you’re not going to give ALL the details then don’t give us any. Because it is very irritating.

It’s very simple: Who, What, Why, When, Where & How.

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