Michigan Horse Racing lives to see another day.

Senate Passes Bill HB-4311, November 5, 2009

Roll Call # 536
Yeas 91 Nays 12

Governor Granholm is expected to sign the Bill, Friday November 6, 2009 at 11:00 am.

House Bill No. 4311 as amended November 5, 2009

Since I didn’t just contact my own regions Senator, but every Senator in the State. As of this writing I’m trying to obtain the Roll Call. So I can personally send the Yeas a Thank You for their continued support of the Horse Racing Industry.

But there is still much to be accomplished. With a continued push for added gaming at the tracks. We will be able to compete with other States that have already Implemented the slots. This will bring in even more needed Revenue to Michigan. Enriching not only the quality of Thoroughbred Horse Racing here, but to bring back the kind of Horse Racing that was once prevalent during the era’s of the Grade ll Michigan Mile at the Detroit Race Course.

Now with Ohio’s victory in gaining Casino’s. There’s even more reason to give Mi. Horse Tracks further gaming. No more buses full of Ohioans will be on the road to Michigan once those Casino’s are up and running. With Pinnacle Race Course being the closest to Ohio’s boarder. A Horse Track combined with Casino gaming can only be a Win Win situation for both Tracks and Michigan.

There is money to be made, much much more. Let us not stop here. Keep The Michigan Engine Running with as much HORSE POWER as it can get.

Again another Giant Thank You to our Senate here in Michigan for stepping this up. But we don’t have to be always on our last breath here being kept alive on Life Support. It’s time to act to insure life support is never again needed. With more gaming both Horse Racing and Michigan stays ALIVE. More Revenue means More Life to All.

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