With now Ohio to be soon building and operating Casino’s.

No more buses will be full of Ohioans coming to the Detroit Casino’s. As of now they come here full of people from Ohio on a daily basis.

This is even more pertinent of a reason to give much needed Gaming to Mi. Horse Racing Tracks. With Pinnacle Race Course being the closest track to the Ohio border. With the combination of both Horses and Slots it may still bring some people into Michigan.

The race tracks have always generated and brought in millions & millions of dollars in Revenue to Michigan. And they always will if allowed to continue to exist. With this latest passage on House Bill 4311 by both House & Senate and hopefully with Governor Granholm’s signature later this morning. At least for the present moment we’re not any longer on our last breath. But in reality here, we are still on Life Support. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With added gaming to the tracks, not only will we be brought back to full life. But Michigan will also rake in more of the much needed dollars in revenue. Common sense is 2+2 always = 4 no matter how you add it up. Horses and slots is a Win Win position not only for Horse Racing but for Michigan. At one time The Michigan Mile at The Detroit Race Course was a $300,000 Grade II Race. What’s to say in the future at Pinnacle Race Course it can’t be a Grade I Race.

Bigger purses bring in a better quality of horses. All I know if you have no vision in life to stride for the best you can do. You end up with nothing. If you shoot for the stars, most times than not you’ll come out on top.

Michigan’s Governor and all of the other Politicians in this State of ours occupying both the House and Senate, better come to a decision and fast. Do We Shoot For The Stars, or do we sit and do nothing watching Michigan sink into an even bigger hole. If our Governor can give a 42% tax break to Hollywood movie makers that have came here, which will end up costing the State Millions. Why can’t the Race Tracks here catch a break of some kind as well. Only the Tracks already bring in over $400 million.

The Revenue alone from the 3.5% Simulcasting tax brought in $5,341,057. Imagine what the numbers will be from the slots implemented into the tracks. These are numbers you just can’t ignore unless you choose to. But why would you want to choose to ignore an Industry that could make you so much more?

This is no time to drag our feet now on this issue. It’s time for our Mi. Politicians to decide.
Is it Success or Further Downhill?
We hit BUST a long time ago.

I say we shoot for those stars because there’s nothing else left to lose. Gaming at the Race Tracks can only add up to one big giant WIN.

For Horse Racing and Michigan.

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