Smooth As Silk Andy Williams is Gone.


Another vocal giant has passed.

I have listened to all of his songs throughout the evening that became not only the soundtracks to the movies he sang, but to three generations now.

And no matter which one I hear over and over again, I still keep coming back to his rendition and signature song of Moon River.

It still breaks out the chills and sends me back into a time period that had grace and class. Henry Mancini Composed and a set of pipes that just melted you.

What Beauty.

When I was growing up they had variety shows. They had real singers, dancers, entertainers and just plain 100% talent. Just 4 stations in-which to watch but there was always something on. Dean Martin, Carol Burnett, The Red Skelton Show, The Tonight Show, TV specials with Bob Hope, Peri Como, Judy Garland Show and Specials with Sinatra, Robert Goulet, Laugh-In, The Smothers Brothers, Shindig , Hullabaloo, American Bandstand, etc.. And of course The Andy Williams show.

My God what does TV have to offer today? Endless reality shows of nobodies.


With each and every passing year and lately a way too much abundance of not only my parents era of entertainers but us baby boomers, our youth is truly leaving us.

At Christmas everyone looked forward to this man’s Christmas Show and it hasn’t been the same since they ceased. Today with a thousand cable channels you always hear everybody say there’s nothing to watch, yet we only had four and we had it all.

Andy Williams had something special that went along with the pipes and looks. It was that sparkle in his eyes and the feeling he left everybody with while enjoying watching and hearing him sing.

The headlines read Wednesday Andy Williams voice silenced. Very inaccurate because nothing will ever be able to silence that voice. His physical presence has left us and he will be very much missed, but we will always have his music to listen to and remember and relive much better times.

Goodbye Mr. Williams, sadly it’s our turn now to sing “Can’t Get Used To Losing You” but when we turn on your records we will always delightedly smile with pleasure.




My God what a voice. Now I think I’m going to cry, but this song always gets me.



Days of Grace and Class very much missed.


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One response to “Smooth As Silk Andy Williams is Gone.

  1. cooper

    he was one of my favorites…not only for his voice but his sense of humor.

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