A Thanksgiving Prayer for now and the past.

This has to be  my favorite movie Thanksgiving movie prayer and why? Because it’s so damn truthful.



This year so many have, are and still yet going to go through hell. Health wise, money wise, house wise,  broken down cars, job concession after concession, no jobs, fighting with family, fighting with friends, fighting with quack doctors, delusional banks, spilt personality landlords, deranged politicians who call making the richest people pay their fare share of taxes raising taxes on the rich? When they never paid what they should have to begin with.

Greedy stores getting greedier making their employees work Thanksgiving day & night making sure no one enjoys the day. And the lunatics who have camped out in front of the greedy stores for a week now so when the doors open they can stampede and trample people to death to get what the stores want you to think are great deals. This is there Thanksgiving.

And until Christmas everyone can make their loved ones, friends and neighbors feel guilty if some perfect gift can’t be achieved. You see this is the day of the self-serving pompous brats who if they can’t get their way with everything they’ll do their best to wreak havoc amongst families. For if they only knew what my parents generation went through during the depression or how little it took to put just a smile on someones face because it was known there just wasn’t any money at all.

So on this Thanksgiving day with all the troubles we live with day in and day out and some notion fills your head with the perfect fantasy family that television once told us that’s the way all families are like when we know different. If all you have is only a sandwich to eat and a mouse in your house standing there with you, throw it a couple of crumbs and tell the mouse Happy Thanksgiving for neither one of you are all alone.

There are no perfect holidays and many do not have anything to share with anyone. If you do this is why you should be THANKFUL.

Not everyone can put out a feast and there are many who are lonely for their family is no longer here.

If you’re still breathing you are worthy of the air and if you can still hope, there can always be a tomorrow. Set this one day without giving out strife and instead just give Thanks.

And can’t pass up this day without giving out a Hippie Thanksgiving.






And I apologize to the Native Americans for we did steal this,
your tribal land. It is your blood we shed in this venue to give our Thanks. Our Thanksgiving prayer should be for your forgiveness although so undeserving.


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