MTOBA sends out Memo To Mi. Horsemen: Canceling 2011 Mi. Futurity & Mi. Juvenile Filly Races

MTOBA Michigan Thoroughbred Owner’s and Breeder’s Association

Dated: August 2, 2011

The Board of Directors has decided to cancel the running of the 2011 Michigan Futurity and Michigan Juvenile Filly races. The reason for this decision were two-fold:

1. Upon polling the horsemen well as our own board members, it was the consensus that the track at Mt. Pleasant due to its size and tight turns would not be appropiate venue to race 2 year olds for 7 furlongs to a mile. They lack the racing experience of the older horses and could potentialliy harm themselves.

2. The second issue was purse monies. Due to the continued decline of Thoroughbred programs funds, there would be know way a stakes level purse. The other consideration is that with only 6 gates and the number of eligible horses, it woould have been required splitting the races in order to accomodate entries. The money is just not avalible.

With all the uncertainty we had this racing season, we felt we couldn’t make a final decision in this metter unti we had all the information. Enclosed please find your refund of all nomination fees and payments for these races. Hopefully we will be able to run them next year.


Board of Diretors


President: Pattie M. Dickinson
Kathleen Womack
Treasurer: McCune


Judy Campbell, Lisa Campbell, Cindy Davidson, Jean Elton, Beth Fletcher Patterson, Luella Hall, Laura Jackson, Frank Nickels, Valerie Powers, Dan Sturgeon, Teri Traxler and Virgina Ullmen.


Well there you have it, there will be some very unhappy T.B. horsemen & women. But what could they have hoped for or expected in going to a half mile quarter horse race track?

Certainly all the horsemen did not vote for this venue. And for this very reason, the safety of the horses. But it just isn’t as they describe the less experienced two year olds, the reality is even with the older more experienced horses. Going a route on this track could prove to be hazardous and fatal.

Thoroughbreds have to be rated going a distance and how does one do this on a half mike track with turns coming at you at the quarter mark. At some point you put a horse into full throttle but with the turns it would be like getting your race engine, in this case the horses up to full speed then all of a sudden throw the gears into reverse trying to stop them.

It would stop them alright, broken ankles, legs, blown Suspensory’s or having them blowing the turns completely running into or through the rails. It’s called having horses and their jockey’s possibly ending up dead.

This was the right decision by MTOBA and it’s just another sad blow to this Industry and the condition that the State of Michigan has left us in. But as long as the Casinos are safe and looked out for by the MGCB, all is well in their eyes.


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