Monday Madness Stock Market Crash ~ Are You Happy Tea Party?

The main objective was somehow make the Democrat President Obama look bad. You never heard of this off spring group of the Republicans while the most disastrous President America ever had the misfortune to have G.W. Bush. But the with two rigged elections with baby brother fixing Fl. in 2000 then removing voting machines from the most highly democratic areas of Ohio in 2004. The dummy’s got back in what they wanted. Another four years of the demented. And the VP fit in perfectly to complete the madness.

In fact it was Dick Cheney literally running all over G.W. the incapable.

Well these ignorant misguided brainwashed group have gotten what they prayed for but at the whole countries expense. Does this downgrade from S&P reflect the President or the Tea Partiers that even the their own Republican house leader couldn’t deal with or talk to?

2012 Election rant, HEY LOOK AT WHAT OBAMA DID?

First time in history USA got downgraded. Look, Look at what this Democratic President did.


How much did G.W. Bush piss away with his two useless wars in Trillions but most importantly our troops blood and lives?

OH but they expected after 8 years of financial hell created by this disaster to some how get magically fixed within 2,3,4 years. TRY ABOUT 20 YEARS if it’s even then. What was it that the Republicans and Tea Partiers said, the Democrats believe Obama to be the messiah?

Got news for you if you thought Obama was going to fix G.W.’s mess that quickly it is this group of delusional idiots, these Tea Party Republicans that truly thought Obama was the messiah.

Democrats knew better, so did the Republicans of old. They wanted Bush out more than the Democrats and they as sure wasn’t going to vote for his replacement that would have duplicated the exact same disaster.

According to John McCain he would have never pulled troops out of Iraq ever. Then he picked a Barbie doll whose chord kept malfunctioning when pulled. Every time that woman spoke steam came out of the Republicans ears.

Now me I voted for Clinton in the primary and that’s who I wanted for the next President. Again very young Democratic voters couldn’t see the lack of experience with Obama in the respect that he has constantly caved to the Republicans. Something that wouldn’t have happened with Clinton.

So how in the world can the Republicans or their off spring Tea Party blame Obama for anything when he has bent over backwards not for his own party but for theirs.

Republicans can now shovel the shit anyway or direction they can and it will still say in blasting volumes that your little group of no brains within you caused this catastrophe.

Are they happy now? And do they really think everyone in this country is as stupid as they are? DON’T THINK SO.

The more Moderate Republicans know better.

So enjoy this stock market ride to hell that you and you alone have created then point the finger at everyone but yourselves. You are a bunch of snot nosed brat babies whose parents should have gave a good ass kicking to when young. It might have made them actually grow up with a brain.

But because they didn’t you now have them literally in office voted in by the same breed of brainless brats who also were left to do as they please by parents as dumb.

Welcome to the August 2011 stock market crash. My how they think this will win them the next election. Again Key Word: THINK

If they had this ability what is happening at present wouldn’t have happened at all.


The Jeff Beck Group
Going Down Written by Don Nix
Released off their 1972 self entitled – also referred to the Orange Album.

Jeff Beck – guitar
Bobby Tench – vocals
Clive Chaman – bass
Max Middleton – keyboards
Cozy Powell – drums


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