Detroit’s New Longer Parking Meter Hours Enforcement Is Going To Make The City Rich! ~ ” WRONG “

Mayor Dave Bing is an IDIOT… PERIOD.

Detroit is so scrapped for money they want to take it out on those who they look to come and spend their money here. Visitors

Personally my favorite spot on hot summer nights is the Riverfront. I remember in 2010 the police started booting people from the river at 10:00pm siting the River Walk is closed. And I wrote a blog saying EXCUSE ME? I don’t believe your allowed to close a RIVER.
And the River Walk is not a PARK. It’s a RIVER.

Ironically I don’t know what good the blog did, I only know I continued going down to my favorite spot and was never told again to leave at any hour.

Well now the Mayor has come up with the brilliant Idea that extends Detroit’s parking meter enforcement hours from 6:00PM to 10:00PM Tuesday – Friday and 2:00PM to 10:00pm on Saturdays.

Well like many my favorite casino to go to is Greektown. Basically because when I get fed up with the people and the smoke I like to just hang out for a while on Monroe. I park on the street yet usually I don’t go down there until later in the evening, at times in the wee hours of the morning.

Nevertheless now Mayor Bing has virtually made it impossible for anybody that goes down there or anywhere else downtown earlier whether to eat, walk around, enjoy Camp Martius or to go the Friday night concerts behind the Ren-Cen and any other venues or businesses people want to patronize. Because now they’ll have to go running to their cars every hour on the hour until 10:00PM and it is INSANE.

Stupidity at it’s finest.

You want people to come to your city and bring their dollars with them to spend to boost Detroit’s economy but at the same time you plan on leaving them a $20.00 ticket on their windshields for that privilege stating ” Greetings From Detroit “.

Not for long.

Well Mayor the plan is on temporary hold until all the meters can be updated, how much is that costing? Because that’s not even a remote tiny piece of money that it’s going to end up costing you and the city your Mayor of.


How long do you think any business downtown will thrive when its patrons start getting hit with this brilliance of racking up these parking tickets?

Detroit isn’t going to gain all this extra revenue you are talking about. Detroit is going to be an even bigger loser when people stop coming downtown all together.

At Greektown. If people are just down there to eat they park on the street. But some go on to the casino but they are not going to be going for long. Because nobody in their right mind is going to go to a city to spend their money or time when they’ll have to come out to their cars and find tickets to pay with what little money they have left after an evening out in Detroit.

It’s hard enough in these times to be able to have a little extra money to dine out once and awhile. But I guarantee people aren’t going to venture out someplace where they’ll be punished for having spent their hard-earned money there.

No, extending parking meter enforcement hours isn’t going to enhance or gain a thing for Detroit.

When it’s all said and done even more people will stay away in droves. After all you have just given them one more reason to.

And if you think the people who use to go downtown earlier will flood the place after 10:00PM, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. They just won’t bother coming at all anymore.

They will dine elsewhere and they will find other venues that don’t punish them with fines for enjoying an evening out.

Dave Bing just found another way to hurt Detroit, that’s all and it’s a shame.

Right now they’re spending how much to knock down the Ford Auditorium? So they can build and add-on to Hart Plaza?

And who is going to foot the bill? The victims of Mayor Bing’s parking tickets.

He Thinks.

Please come to Downtown Detroit to spend your money so we can ticket you and take a little more.

Yeah Right.

When your meters are all updated and these tickets start flowing, people will stay away and all you’re going to be left with is singing this song like these girls acapella. Only you ain’t the Supremes.

The people who come and support Detroit are your Muse. They make your song complete and don’t ever forget that. Without them you ain’t nothing.

So any other Bright Ideas Mayor?


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