What in the hell is this?

I have been going down to my favorite spot on hot summer nights since it was built in the 90s. ( Well actually it was built by the French in 1701, the River that is ).


Basically even though the new edition was built beyond Hart Plaza to Belle Isle. I’ve still stuck to my favorite spot behind The Joe. In the summer there is always many many people sitting and walking along this River Front. From Hart Plaza to the Joe. People always were down there all night long fishing. So there was always many people to converse with. And 99.9% of the time parking along the River Front at night was not bothered by police. Only maybe in cases of big events such as Rib Fest and Jazz Fest.

All of a sudden this year 2010 at 10:00pm there are cops yelling over loud speakers. River Walk is now closed, go to your vehicles.  On an unusually warm night in April on a Friday night was the first time I went down there this year.  Me and my boyfriend weren’t down there 20 minutes and my LORD. Not only a line of police cars showed up but with Wreckers. I don’t mean little ole tow trucks, I mean WRECKERS. GIANT ONES. Ones that can accommodate 3, 4 cars easily. Then the yelling started. Now with people running for dear life for their cars. I said is this for real? Some man who was fishing told us they started that this year. Ticketing cars along the River Front and Towing them. I said WHY? Are they crazy? They want people to come downtown to Detroit then they start doing this?

For years and years I’ve been going there. In 2005 the last really hot summer we had, I would go down there at least 4 nights a week. Also remember sitting down there at times until 5:00am. Just enjoying the calm of the water. From the 1990s I’ve never encountered a problem there ever. Maybe an obnoxious drunk here and there but nothing that was a big deal. So even though from that April night I knew that this may likely happen. Getting thrown out of River Front at 10:00pm. Now I have been down there 25+ times since. Most nights Mon.-Thurs. no hassle what so ever no matter what the time. Last Sunday one squad car was making announcement but never ever came back. But I’ve noticed very few people fishing this year as a result of this insanity. Nobody knows if or when any night will be enforced. What I cannot figure out is why they are doing this in the first place.

For years people parked and sat along Detroit’s River. No problems, no police, no ticketing and certainly no towing. My God people IT IS SUMMER. On a hot summers night that’s what people have always done. Gone to the River Front. All of a sudden WE ARE CLOSED???

How can a city CLOSE DOWN THE RIVER FRONT? It’s always been there. And certainly after the River Walk was built from the Joe to Hart Plaza, people gathered there. Then new edition straight through Belle Isle was opened in 2007. And the River Days was born. I don’t see how they can call along the River a park that closes at a certain time. So why all of a sudden in 2010 are they doing this? Is Mayor Bing that hard up for money? That he’s giving orders to hand out tickets and literally tow away visitors vehicles. All this time Detroit has welcomed people to enjoy the Riverfront, after all it belongs to all of us who was born here, raised here, always went there and was an attraction for out of towners.

So in essence what you’re saying to all, native Detroiters and out of State visitors. What is literally on Tee Shirts meant as sarcasm but now very much true. WELCOME TO DETROIT NOW GO HOME!

Well last night I was there. But now for the first time cops actually walking the Riverfront ( 10:45pm ) saying WE ARE CLOSED YOU HAVE TO LEAVE. And there were out of towners there that looked puzzled. I told some only this year they have started doing this, and their comments were. My what a beautiful warm night to sit and enjoy but how can a Riverfront close? It’s not a Park. It’s a River. GOOD QUESTION?

I wonder if anybody can answer as to why this is now occurring? Why in the world would you have Detroit Police yelling over loud speakers, ticketing cars, towing people’s cars. And telling ALL TO LEAVE. Wasn’t this walkway built so people would come down there? A hot summer night in Detroit and they are closed. The River Front anyway. It is absurd and it is insane. Chasing the very people you beg to come into the city. And the Impressions that is left from out of towners who were out walking and sitting there enjoying a River that has always been there. DETROIT IS NUTS.

Doubt this happens in New York or any place else. 10:00pm River is now closed.  A Beautiful Night Wasted, A Beautiful Image Wasted for Visitors. People fishing are gone, Metro Detroiters who once always came here now forced to leave. And out-of-town visitors told stay in your Hotel Rooms, you’re not welcome to our Detroit River at night. A place that should never close. It is a RIVER. And you built the River Walk so people could enjoy. And if you can’t enjoy this scene on a hot summer night, when can you?  This isn’t even about parking along the River. You could park across Jefferson and walk to River and still be told closed at 10:00pm. LEAVE

Can you imagine the French Riviera closed at any time? This is France’s Biggest Draw at NIGHT INTO MORNING. We may not be the French Riviera, but our Riverfront also gets a lot of visitors. And it should never close with people being told to leave at any time, unless they are causing trouble.

Mayor Bing you better re-examine this. This is not the impression you want to give out by my HOMETOWN. Detroit and it’s River were here long before you and will be still here long after you’ve gone.


Will this be the last time I go there. NO,  but no doubt at a certain time I and everyone else will be told to leave, and it will be very frustrating that you’re not allowed to just sit there peacefully to enjoy the solitude of the River.

This just doesn’t make any sense at all as to why they are doing this now. Welcome to Detroit, We Are Now Closed GO HOME.

What a shame for all.

I finally believe Detroit has completely lost its mind.


As long as the River Flows it can’t be Closed!

Posted at 7:09am not 11:09am.

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  1. Longshot

    Well I must admit I am HAPPY.

    Was down there Sunday night ( last night of the Rib Fest ) until 2:00am. Cars all along Riverfront parked not ticketed that I could see, and loads of people still down there just enjoying. When I left, 80% of cars and people still there.

    And just got home tonight or morning if you prefer ( 3:00am ) and spent 2 and a half hours down there. Just one man fishing who I conversed with awhile. But plenty of other people down there when I left. So I am happy to report at least on both of these nights all was calm, and nobody was being told we are closed, Leave. And I Thank Detroit for it.

    Hope to enjoy many more nights down there. I like Hot Summer Nights. And there’s no place more enjoyable then Detroit River. There is something very special about the solitude of the water. But if they go back to throwing the people out at a certain time. I will be back loudly stating how completely ludicrous.

    But Sunday and Tuesday night into the A.M., still quite open and glad. I’d rather say good things about the Motor City than bad. We get enough of that on national level.

    Posted at 4:20 am

    ( one day word-press is going to fix our EST time so correct time will reflect when blogs were actually posted )

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