Sunday Tribute to Director – Sidney Lumet


US filmmaking great Sidney Lumet dies in NY at 86

Network was just one of over 40 movies directed by Sidney Lumet.

My favorites films  included 12 Angry Men, Fail-Safe, Dog Day Afternoon, Network and Equus.

He managed to direct some of the most powerful performances out of his actors.

17 different actors in Oscar-nominated performances: Katharine Hepburn, Rod Steiger, Al Pacino, Ingrid Bergman, Albert Finney, Chris Sarandon, Faye Dunaway, Peter Finch, Beatrice Straight, William Holden, Ned Beatty, Peter Firth, Richard Burton, Paul Newman, James Mason, Jane Fonda and River Phoenix. Bergman, Dunaway, Finch and Straight won oscars for their performances in one of Lumets movies.

Sidney Lumet also Produced, Wrote and Acted. And not many know he was one of the original DEAD END KIDS. On Broadway anyway.

(1935) Stage: Appeared (as “Small Boy”) in “Dead End” on Broadway. Drama. Production Design by Norman Bel Geddes. Written and directed by Sidney Kingsley. Belasco Theatre: 28 Oct 1935-12 Jun 1937 (687 performances). Cast: Carroll Ashburn (as “Mr. Griswald”), Charles Bellin, Charles Benjamin, Philip Bourneuf, Marie R. Burke, Richard Clark, Francis G. Cleveland, George Cotton, ‘Marc Daniels (I)’, Francis De Sales, Ethel Dell, Gabriel Dell (as “T.B.”; Broadway debut), Joe Downing (as “Babyface Martin”), Charles R. Duncan, Willis Duncan, Dan Duryea (as “G-Man”; Broadway debut), Elspeth Eric (as “Drina”), Sidonie Espero, Martin Gabel, Edward P. Goodnow, David Gorcey (as “Second Avenue Boy”), Leo Gorcey (as “Second Avenue Boy”; only Broadway appearance), Huntz Hall (as “Dippy”; only Broadway appearance), Billy Halop (as “Tommy”; Broadway debut), Drina Hill, Bobby Jordan (as “Angel”), Margaret Linden, Blossom MacDonald, Marjorie Main (as “Mrs. Martin”), Margaret Mullen, Robert J. Mulligan, Theodore Newton, George N. Price (as “Old Gentleman”; final Broadway role), Bernard Punsly (as “Milty”), Lewis L. Russell, Harry Selby, Joseph Taibi, William Toubin, Sheila Trent (as “Francey”), Cyril Gordon Weld, Billy Winston, Louis Woods, Elizabeth Wragge, Dane Clark. Produced by Norman Bel Geddes.

Beyond a rewarding life to have worked with all these greats on Stage, Film and TV.

Henry Fonda, Al Pacino & Peter Finch gave their most memorable performances under the direction of this beyond talented man. And his works will be in the masses for us to enjoy forever.

I always felt bad that Peter Finch didn’t live to receive his Oscar for Best Actor in Network. I remember watching him on Johnny Carson and he died later that night. The award was given posthumously. Well I’m sure he and Mr. Lumet are embracing a fine reunion with plenty of other company. We tend to only remember the Actors and Actresses from the Movies.

Many never realize there was somebody at times drawing out the talent that the actors themselves didn’t even know they possessed. A Talent behind the talents and Sidney Lumet was among the best.


Thank You for your works Sir. You were proof that Cinema was made great by the likes of many.

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