Jam of the Week ~ Onda ~ Los Lonely Boys

Released in 2004

Henry Garza – electric guitar, vocals
Jojo Garza – bass guitar, vocals
Ringo Garza – drums, vocals

This Band unfortunately have never really gotten their due and I have absolutely no Idea of WHY?

If this were the late 60s – Early 70s this three-piece band would have been a Power Group like Grand Funk Railroad. But that’s the sad part isn’t it?

These brothers weren’t even born yet but got their first taste of real success when their first single ” Heaven ” came out in 2004 and became a hit. In 2005 the song won a Grammy. In 2006 this song playing ” Onda ” and ” More than Love ” were both nominated for Grammys. The guitar playing of Henry Garza ( Born in 1978 ) is phenomenal and as far as I’m concerned has not gotten the recognition he truly deserves. Brothers JoJo ( Born in 1980 ) – Bass and Ringo ( Born 1981 )  – Drums also are as talented. All three also have some mighty sets of pipes. Honestly in this day in age I just don’t think their music literally fits into a particular category basically because they are so Blues Based. Their combination of Blues, Rock, Latin would have tore up and down any venues they played about 40 years ago and would have gotten the reviews and popularity they deserved. But in 2004-10 truth is nobody recognizes true talent anymore. We’ve got shit called Rap that possesses no talent at all, all you have to know is how to swear.

So when a band comes along like Los Lonely Boys nobody seems to know where to place them. They’re too new to be considered on Classic Rock- n-Roll stations. Even the Blues stations which are mostly College or Public based Stations seem to stick with older Standards. There is no doubt this band has followers and fans who await their concert dates. But in my opinion this group deserves much more Rave. Onda reminds me of the Woodstock Generation of Bands that just JAMMED. Muse of honest and true substance. You can hear the blends in Guitarist Henry Garza playing from styles of the greats. Hendrix, Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, SRV, Carlos Santana but when done he has succeeded to create his own unique sound.

Santana had six members, but somehow Los Lonely Boys manages to get a 6 member sound out of just 3 of them. To me Onda is the Soul Sacrifice of 1967. All three of these brothers are way beyond just talented. In this decade of no Talents, these guys emerged and nobody knew what to do with them.

They have had two self released albums in 97 & 98. And when Epic signed them their Debut Album in 2004 self titled Los Lonely Boys took off, but not nearly as much as it should have from there. 2006 & 2008 produced two more albums and in 2009 they signed with Texas Based Playing in Traffic Records also where this Band originated from produced an Album 1969. The album from the name tells you they paid homage to the year and the Musicians of that time period.

Los Lonely Boys are about as note worthy of bands as they come. And Onda just gives you one Taste of many of the songs they’ve composed. Hope to hear a lot more from this band in the upcoming years.

Man Dig in, Discover and Enjoy.


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5 responses to “Jam of the Week ~ Onda ~ Los Lonely Boys

  1. rosiejeanne

    Hello! Loved your article. You picked the best photos, (and I am still regretting not attending the Rochester NY show from your Video) Have you seen them live? I have just returned from my 40th LLB show last weekend at Bethel Woods in NY (Woodstock). It was certainly another great live show. You are right, they do have a great fan base (myself included). It’s called “LaOnda, meaning “The Wave”. They most definitely do not get the recognition they deserve. BUT, being at Woodstock, we were thrilled to find out that Henry is mentioned , and also has his picture in the Bethel Woods Museum as an honorable mention of up and coming artists. So maybe the best is yet to come for the LLB brothers from San Angelo, Tx!!! Glad you like the boys. 99% of the people who see them live, become instant fans. But there’s always that pesky 1% who cannot be swayed!! Spread the LLB love, Rosie

  2. rosiejeanne

    I see you are a blues lover, have you heard this one?? Cottonfields & Crossroads?

  3. Longshot

    No I have not had the pleasure as of yet to see them but hope to at some point in the future when they roll into the Detroit Area.

    When I first heard the Studio Album version of Onda it blew me away. And getting a chance to view and hear this 26 + minute version was even more eye opening to this Guitarist’s Talent. The Whole Band as individuals are equally as talented.

    But like I stated if back in the actual Hey Day of the 60s. They would of been huge. They should be that now. It’s like they’re that hidden Gem nobody actually knows about yet. Hell from this one piece of Muse. I’d say ABOUT TIME ALL DID!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the piece.

  4. Longshot

    And YES I did take notice to the piece you mentioned. I’ve posted Parts 1-4 of All Blues and nothing but the Blues. Part 5 is long overdue.

    Believe me this Band will get a many of posted Video’s. Stay Tuned…

    ( Actually since I initially posted the first 4 parts, many video’s disappeared from that damn WMG copy right bull at YT. )

    Need to go over them and try to re-post some. Ironically some video’s are completely blank, and no way I can remember exactly what all were posted. Should of made a complete list of each posting. But who thought some company would remove them.

  5. rosiejeanne

    Longshot, DEFINITELY SEE THEM LIVE!! They do make a setlist but if they are really feeling the love, they will go off and just JAM OUT! It’s like, the more love that we show, the more we get back in the music. They really are great dudes even off the stage. And PLEASE listen to their Christmas CD, it’s getting to be the season… Especially listen to their “Carol of the Bells”. It’s unbelievable.

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