I’d like to take it back too!

All the way back to the Clinton Years.

These idiot’s scream, yell, screech WE WANT TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

Back to WHERE? And who from?

George W. Bush destroyed this country with two useless Wars that did nothing but create Trillions and Trillions of dollars being flushed down the toilet. The stock market crashed almost creating a second major Depression. First Bailout cost this country to the tune of $700 Billion. This man was the worst nightmare The United States of America ever encountered.

Enter Obama. All of a sudden we start hearing these lunatics. We are going to take our country back. I say give it to them and tell them to shove it up their asses. Bush set the next President up for the hit. Everybody knew it. I’ll save the Iraq War for the next President. I’ll save Afghanistan for the next President. When the first bailout runs out, it will be the next Presidents problem. John McCain wanted to give up another $300 Billion dollar Bailout.

The 2008 Presidential election was insanity. Republicans and right wing Conservative Loons screaming the Dem’s think Obama is the Saviour. Got news for you it was THEM that must have thought that Obama was the Saviour if they thought he could fix 8 years of the most disastrous President the USA ever had and the damage he created in just a couple of years.

Personally Jesus Christ is Lord.

But it was this Demented talk, views, and rantings that brought this country to where it’s at right now. Oh Yes, let us get back in the Republicans. FOR WHAT? They did so great for 8 Years? When Clinton left office we had a record Surplus.

When Bush left he left the biggest deficit in American History. Obama wasn’t  my choice for President. Hillary Clinton was for the simple fact we would have had two Presidents for one. And Reality is, if Bill Clinton by law could have ran again in 2008. He would have won again. Because everyone including the Republicans knew Clinton has more intelligence in his bowels than Bush had in his brain.

Now I could have seen people coming out in pacts, droves, herds what ever terminology you’d want to use after the first 4 years of Bush and scream this same crap. We are taking our country back. But instead they helped the disaster fix another win. So after a Crazy Stupid Dope whose father couldn’t even talk to and reason with drove this country so far into the ground, Wars, Stock Market crashes, Deregulation that was put there by Republicans so the Banks could go bust by handed out mortgages to people who couldn’t afford to buy a loaf of bread much less a house. He left his Presidency to somebody who was way in over his head this Trillions upon Trillion in the hole. After two years because Obama hasn’t magically mended America back to a previous time prior to President Disaster. We now have a spin off the Republicans – Tea Delusionists. Who parade their even further lack of knowledge by backing a brainless package out of Alaska and thinks Christine O’Donnell her twin can create miracles ( Must be the witchcraft ) of what Bush all left behind.

Well you know what. I’d give it to them TODAY if not sooner. I’d like to see us in about a year. That is if we’re still here. So Tuesday Nov. 2 brought some Republicans Triumph. Oh My they got the House back. And now what happens. Instant Fix. The spin-off of Bush was the highest unemployment rate since the depression. Did you honestly think Obama could heal all in two years? Your lucky if all can be healed if ever again in 20 years. Republicans philosophy is give the richest people in the country tax breaks. Oh My let’s take the country back. Hey I have a better Idea beg Bush to come back. World War III would create jobs. If he could have only succeeded in that task. I’d wonder if anybody would have spun off a new group to scream about taking the country back.

I hope these idiots get there wish in 2012. Because give it a year and there won’t be a country to ever take back again. They can parade around with the devil and wonder what happened to them.

What Victory came out of Nov. 2, 2010 with more of the same back in the House that helped destroy us for 8 years 2000-2008.

Rick Snyder won the Governors seat in Michigan. This time next year what will have been the magic?

We’ll see if we’re booming by then. But then remember what he has gotten. 16 years of two Imbeciles. Engler and Granholm. I never saw the difference between either of them. There are Rich Politicians and then there is us. The sooner all realize it, the better off we’ll all be. What dramatic change is about to take place?  Because if your bank account doesn’t reflect theirs and never will, what has anybody really won and gained?

Take the Country Back? Yeah you just did about a trillion notches. Hooray.

Some Victory.

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