Motown Monday ~ “Love, Trouble, Heartache & Misery” ~ Hattie Littles

It is a damn shame that these artists and their songs sat in some vault unreleased all these years. Again another worthy singer completely ignored by Berry Gordy.

She was signed to Motown in 1962 to a four-year contract where she recorded 10 singles. Only one record was ever released until 2005 off the Gordy Label. “Your Love Is Wonderful” / “Here You Come” 1962.

Off the Wiki Bio of Hattie Littles

After her contract expired, Littles left the music business and experienced stints of alcoholism and drug abuse.

She was rediscovered by British record producer Ian Levine with the help of former Motown guitarist Dave Hamilton, singing gospel in Detroit in the 1980s. Levine started Motorcity Records, which represented more than one hundred artists who previously recorded with Motown.

That about sums it up. It took those who couldn’t get enough of America Soul, the UK to find our lost treasures that were just discarded by Gordy.

Makes me sick how many people’s dreams this man actually destroyed. Isn’t that really what “Cellarful of Motown” Vol 1&2 is all about, throw aways that were left in the cellar.

Sadly Littles died in Detroit June/2000 of a heart attack. With this powerful voice she had she should have been a star. Obviously her love of the more bluesy side didn’t seem to fit Gordy’s fill but then other notable artists who did were also kept from what should have been their spotlight.

Littles recorded with the background vocals of The Fayette’s on the one and only 62′ release and the Fayette’s were actually the Vandellas. Now who is backing this record Love, Trouble, Heartache & Misery I could find no info. I assume it is the same or The Andantes.

This songs title defined what Gordy caused so many.

Another single, some mighty blues with her awesome vocals (and as far as I’m concerned was as good as Etta James’s “I’d Rather Go Blind”) was “Back In My Arms” which I’ve also posted. But that one will have to be watched on YT as the user disabled embedding.

What could have been, what should have been. Your star was stolen down here Hattie but it shines brightly in heaven and with your music that did finally get released. You are not forgotten.



Written by: Unknown

Backing vocals? Fayette’s/Vandellas Rosalind Ashford, Annette Beard or The Andantes.
The Funk Brothers – music




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