Tuesday “Time Out” ~ The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Dave Brubeck — piano
Paul Desmond — alto saxophone
Eugene Wright — double bass
Joe Morello — drums

Released: 1959

All compositions by Dave Brubeck, except “Take Five” by Paul Desmond.

Side one

1. “Blue Rondo à la Turk” 6:44
2. “Strange Meadow Lark” 7:22
3. “Take Five” 5:24

Side two

1. “Three to Get Ready” 5:24
2. “Kathy’s Waltz” 4:48
3. “Everybody’s Jumpin'” 4:23
4. “Pick Up Sticks” 4:16

Dave Brubeck and this group of musicians took jazz to a completely different level with unusual time signatures that had never been heard in. 9/8 “Blue Rondo à la Turk and 5/4 on “Take Five” on this album, also doing 6/4 & 7/4 on other compositions.

This multi Platinum bliss has been enjoyed by generation after generation a billion times over and still turning it on to new listeners every single day. They can learn and experience a timeless era of style steaming through the atmosphere to a place back in time that they’ve never seen but guaranteed once heard they’ll realize the present or future muse will never again be able to compare.

For they have listened to the cream of the crop of honest true jazz players. And they will reach out back out into that space to grab a hold of it again and again whenever they can get a chance to take a “Time Out”.


Paul Desmond & Joe Morello are jamming in Heaven.

On May 29th Eugene Wright will be 89 years old. Dave Brubeck is 91 and still performing. I had the fortune of seeing him at the Detroit Jazz Fest in 2007 and hope to get another chance to see him again.



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