Friday At The Fillmore ~ Work Me Lord ~ Janis Joplin

Written By Nick Gravenites.
Recorded Feb. 12, 1969 at the Fillmore East.

This concert recording actually took place months before the actual June 1969 release of the song and album, ” I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama! ”

Janis Joplin – lead vocals
Sam Andrew – guitar
Brad Campbell – bass, backing vocals
Cornelius “Snooky” Flowers – baritone saxophone, backing vocals
Richard Kermode – keyboards
Gabriel Mekler – keyboards
Maury Baker – drums
Lonnie Castille – drums
Terry Clements – tenor saxophone
Luis Gasca – trumpet

This song was among my top favorites from Janis. The song was blues in the rawest form sung from a part of everybody vulnerable at some point and moment of time. And the emotion from it poured out like the soul crying out for something but really didn’t know what the something was.

Some gain it and some never do.

Janis never did……… And I keep searching for…

Peace of mind.

I don’t believe there was a band that could match her talent whether it was Big Brother, Kozmic Blues or Full Tilt Boogie. And in reality that is what I believe was her downfall.

Joplin was that diamond in the rough in a time with too much drugs, too much booze and ironically too much talent.

Explosive energy with not enough outlet. In Joplin’s case it went in the wrong direction and it will always leave you wondering how far that talent could have gone as with Hendrix.

They left us with their musical soul and left the world a void that never again could be filled.

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