Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s Compassion

I will never forget Terry Schiavo nut case parents and these Right To Lifers fighting to the death of them to preserve and prolong her inhumane suffering an extra 7 years, which included President George W. Bush returning to Washington D.C. to sign legislation designed to keep her alive and suffering.

It was beyond sickening. It was downright disheartening. This poor woman who had to lay motionless for 15 years. The priest who was with Schiavo,  Fr. Frank Pavone who was with her the final hour was to have stated:

“She was a person who for thirteen days had no food or water. She was, as you would expect, very drawn in her appearance as opposed to when I had seen her before. Her eyes were open but they were moving from one side to the next, constantly darting back and forth. I watched her for hours, and the best way I can describe the look on her face is ‘terrified sadness.’

I don’t know about anybody else but if I had been in this state unable to speak, eat, move or communicate how afraid and terrified I was knowing my mind was encased in a body that would forever never be able to function. What this woman went through was like being in a coma while awake. And I’ll tell you something this is like the stories of some people who have awakened while still having surgery. Frozen paralyzed unable to scream their dire pain. This was Terri Schiavo’s living nightmare.

The priest tried to say she was terrified that she was dying like she was aware of that fact. Well guess what Padre, if she was aware of this then can you imagine the terror she felt encased inside of a motionless body for 15 years.

And this is the point of how cruel it was to make her live like this. How can one say she wasn’t suffering this entire time, but resort to this same point that she was suffering when the feeding tube was finally removed?

The parents and others stated she knew and reacted to things. Sounds, familiar people. Yet knowing she would never ever get any better with time. This was insanity. I wouldn’t have done that to a dog. Let them just lay there and slowly suffer. The feeding tube just prolonged the horrid process. To me you would do this to somebody you hate and define it as something beyond torture. It was cruel and unnecessary.

Nobody wants somebody they love to die, but to keep somebody alive in a vegetative state whether they were aware or not is just not humane. How could you let them go on, knowing that this would be their fate forever. Sustaining a life meaning a person that can come back to actual life and live again an enjoyable one is something completely different than sustaining a heart beat. Because without a viable brain to go with that heartbeat, it isn’t called life. It’s called being trapped in a body that will never again function. If Terri Schiavo in-fact was aware of dying, then her mind was well aware that she was trapped forever.

You tell me which is cruel. Making her to continue to suffer in this manner or allowing her to die and be with the God her family believed in.

God did embrace that woman the moment she left this life here, free to move, speak and laugh again. Yes I feel for the parents pain of having her whole body die. But in reality she died 15 years before that in some way, manner or form. And it would have never ever changed.

So instead of forever trapped and encased, forever free.

This is what Dr. Jack Kevorkian helped to accomplish in his life.

People and families came to him the same way Schiavo’s parents fought for their daughter, but for different reasons. Terri’s parents fought to keep her suffering, other families fought to end it.

We will all stand before God one day and he will judge us all and I personally believe God will tell Dr. Kevorkian, Thank You for stepping in when others were trying to play me.

Sustaining a heartbeat when suffering is so viewable in front of you to me is a sin. I watched my Aunt die in 2003 after suffering from dementia then a devastating stroke leaving her without the ability to swallow or speak totally paralyzed. I realized then what a mistake that feeding tube was. I watched her die a slow agonizing death. She wasn’t living, she was suffering.

Her body had finally rejected that feeding tube and it had to come out. No I didn’t want her to die, but I couldn’t have stood it any longer knowing and watching a person who was so full of life at one time. The best baker that anybody knew, dancing the tarantella at weddings, laughing, eating, being able to enjoy life all reduced now to being encased in a body having been damaged by a brain unable to move.

Sorry but that feeding tube isn’t Gods way. It is ours.

So who indeed was playing God here? Dr. Kevorkian or us?

This man had the compassion to understand the difference whether others understand that or not. He set people free who wanted to be set free and now he has joined them and I believe God embraced him the moment he left this life as well.

Terri Schiavo and this man had more in common then anybody knew.

And both are smiling down at us hoping and praying that both their lives can be understood that we won’t let our beloved animals suffer so why do we continue to let our beloved people?

If God meant for them to live he would do it without feeding tubes, ventilator’s and machines.

If the brain is so damaged that the body can’t any longer function yet you try to sustain that body. What you succeed in is holding that precious life you hold so dear and making them suffer a horrible existence.

And please understand that isn’t called love. We do not do this to our animals that gave us so much joy. Yes it is painful to let something or somebody die, but at times in doing so you free them from their torturous pain.

And as bad as it hurts you, that is also how much you love them.

Dr. Kevorkian wasn’t Dr. Death.

Dr. Kevorkian was the freedom from agony and human beings should have that choice. Nothing less is playing God.

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