Songs of the Night ~ Lazy ~ Deep Purple

Released in 1972 from Machine Head

From the days of ” Hush ” in 1968 a Power House of music has came from this Band.

The original members were guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, keyboardist Jon Lord, drummer Ian Paice, singer Rod Evans and bassist Nick Simper released three albums. Ian Gillan replaced Rod Evans and Roger Glover replaced Nick Sampler.

And Between the guitar work of Blackmore and the Vocals of Ian Gillian ( who had one of the best set of Pipes in the Rock Business of the times ). Deep Purple was untouchable. Needless to say my favorite album was a Live one ” MADE IN JAPAN “, recorded in 1972 and Released in 73. It combined some of my Favorite from Previous albums.  It was actually my choice to have ” CHILD IN TIME ” as the song of this night. But be as it may, SoundCloud which is the only autoplay allowed on, didn’t not have the Made In Japan Version. Which in my opinion was the best. I did add Hush among others, as this was the very first song I remember coming out of Deep Purple.

Side one

  1. Highway Star” – 6:50
    • Recorded in Osaka on August 16th.
  2. Child in Time” – 12:24
    • Recorded in Osaka on August 16th.

Side two

  1. Smoke on the Water” – 7:31
    • Recorded in Osaka on August 15th.
  2. “The Mule” – 9:49
    • Recorded in Tokyo on August 17th
    • Side three
  3. Strange Kind of Woman” – 9:35
    • Recorded in Osaka on August 16th.
  4. Lazy” – 10:50
    • Recorded in Tokyo on August 17th.

Side four

  1. Space Truckin’” – 19:41
    • Recorded in Osaka on August 16th.

Deep Purple went on to make a lot more excellent Music after Ritchie Blackmore left the group in 1975. But in my opinion nothing compared with the second line up with Gillian and Blackmore. Throughout keyboardist Jon Lord Organ tore up the songs along with Blackmore’s Guitar. Both were phenomenal on the Muse part. Like most Bands who had much success, personalities and conflicts clashed. They broke up, got back together then broke up again.

Like The Allman Brothers Band, Greg Allman/Dicky Betts fallouts. Grand Funk, Mark Farner/ Don Brewer
Mel Schacher and unfortunately many others.

These artist were great alone but never better when together. Some Bands were that much in Sync they didn’t see or understand that they indeed belonged together as one. But for the years we had them all together the Music Lives on.

Tonight it’s Deep Purple. Enjoy.









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