Song of the Day ~ Mediterranean Sundance/Río Ancho ~ Al Dimeola & Paco de Lucia

My cousin turned me on to this Artist, Song and Album.

Mediterranean Sundance came from the 1977 Album of Al Di Meola’s: Elegant Gypsy.

Both of us played Acoustic Guitar. My cousin ( 2 years younger ) was way ahead of me having taking lessons for some years. But I could lay down some riff’s that had him shaking his head and wondering, How do you do that? I would laugh and say hell if I know. I played strictly by ear. I could of used a many of lessons. I can’t read Music, don’t know what key I’m in… and Notes? To me they were something you write to remind yourself of something.

But one thing was for sure when I heard this track back in 77. When we were both done listening we understood that either one of us could really play. Lessons or not. When this track was done we both looked at each other and thinking the identical same thing said, we’d better get practicing.

The original track off Elegant Gypsy was 5:12

And Only Al Di Meola & Paco de Lucía performed it.

In the past John McLaughlin has also joined these two Guitarists to play Mediterranean Sundance. But the Version you’re hearing is Mediterranean Sundance/Río Ancho ~ done by Al Di Meola & Paco de Lucia from the 1981 Live Album ” Friday Night in San Francisco ” that McLaughlin was apart of.

The Album was recorded on Dec. 5, 1980 and was an Acoustical Bliss.

These particular Acoustic Guitarists to me are as Powerful as Hendrix was in Electric.

Di Meola got his start with Chick Corea in 1974.

Paco de Lucia 1976 Album  ” Almoraima “ produced the track: Río Ancho

Hope you enjoy it  as much as I did hearing for the first time 33 years ago.

Personally I found the Guitar Work absolutely Astounding and Mesmerizing.

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