Wednesday When It Was Music ~ Chet Baker ~ Born To Be Blue

Tuesday I highlighted a duly noted sax man, Gerry Mulligan in a song where he only played the piano. Today I’ll feature his one time Jazz partner trumpeter Chet Baker only singing.

But as with the other what a song. That was their talent and that is why we still want to hear it today.

Baker was as smooth a singer as he played that trumpet. Suave Cool

And he did it with style and confidence. Yet either he or Mulligan displayed that part of themselves in real life off of the stage or out of the recording studios. Outside they battled their demons, in the end only one would beat them and survive. Chet unfortunately didn’t.

But while performing he was in total control and could put you into a world only to be interpreted as you saw it and no one else. Others get that off a drug, these jazz guys did it with their muse.

But there wasn’t anything cheap about that high, it was first class all the way. They played and sung it with such feeling the audience couldn’t help tripping with them as the songs gently flowed from out of the artists souls through the ears of those hearing them. But staying just long enough for everyone to get their fill.

This song only had three players and that is all it needed.

Born To Be Blue
Written by Mel Tormé
Released off the album Baby Breeze (1965)

Chet Baker – vocals
Bobby Scott – piano
Kenny Burrell – guitar



Amazing how much Scott looks like Baker in this shot.





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