Motown Monday Mania ~ Get Ready ~ Rare Earth

Written by Smokey Robinson.

Rare Earth in Concert 1971.

Recorded: Civic Coliseum – Jacksonville, FL., Marine Stadium – Miami, FL., Cornell University – Ithaca, NY and At The Pharmacy – The Roostertail, Detroit, Mi.

Rare Earth – Get Ready U.S. #4 – 1970

Pete Rivera ( a.k.a. Hoorelbeke ) : drums, lead vocals, percussion
Gil Bridges : woodwinds, vocals, percussion, flute
John Persh : bass, vocals
Ray Monette : guitars, vocals
Mark Olson : keyboards, vocals
Ed Guzman : conga, percussion

To me Pete Rivera’s drumming and John Persh’s bass Shined on this Live Recording.

From a time where you lived, breathed and experienced the muse. It was in and apart of your soul. Something we sadly no longer experience until these bands reunite and bring it all back. Luckily for most it has never left us.


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2 responses to “Motown Monday Mania ~ Get Ready ~ Rare Earth

  1. Hilarie Jackson

    Was this concert taped? I would love to see it on video or DVD.

  2. No DVD, just recorded the audio (at different venues) for the Live Double LP.

    On YT some video’s of Midnight Special 1973 of I Want To Celebrate and Here is video of Live Concert in California 1974 doing same song.

    Just not a lot more of R.E. in their prime. Easier to bootleg audio then video. And that would have been the day that Motown would have paid any attention to their first white band and have it sink in that this was Rock with concert venues into the tens of thousands. Motown’s subsidiary label Rare Earth was named after the band.

    Berry Gordy was not the genius everyone makes him out to be. He burned so many artists, they ought to do a documentary about that.

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