Young Rascals ~ How Can I Be Sure ~ Song of the Day

Released in 1967 on Atlantic Records~ Written by Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati.

Eddie Brigati – vocals, percussion
Felix Cavaliere – keyboard, vocals
Gene Cornish – guitar
Dino Danelli – drums
Robert Popwell – Bass
David Brigati – background vocals

This Group had a lot of Hits, also later known as just ” The Rascals “. But this was my favorite song from them.  ” How Can I be Sure ” seemed to have something the others didn’t. A combination of not just Rock-n-Roll but Jazz and between the Muse itself along with the exceptional vocals ( Brigati ) . The lyrics hit dead on and it rang completely of the 60s sound. The Bass of this song gave it even more of a total Jazz flavor.

I lived on the east side of Detroit. And remember pacific songs that still remind me of that particular period of time.

1966 – Good Lovin’

1967 – I’ve Been Lonely Too Long, Groovin’, A Girl Like You, It’s Wonderful

1968- A Beautiful Morning, People Got To Be Free

Groovin and A Beautiful Morning have even more of a significance of memories for me of the old neighborhood in which I grew up in. So different from the present times.

Eddie & David Brigati, Felix Cavaliere, Gene Cornish were all members of The Starliters of Joey D and the Starliters before forming the Young Rascals. Inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.”  How Can I be Sure ” could of stood alone highlighting their true talent.

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