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Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ “I Don’t Mind” ~ MC5

MC5 1965

Some Early Vintage MC5 aka Motor City Five
Recorded in 1965
Written by James Brown & Pete Shelley.

This recording amazingly sounds to me a little like The Beatles. Not many songs that James Brown & The Fabulous Flames did could ever be out done, but in reality I like the MC5 cover better. Or maybe because I’m also vintage Detroit. LOL

And the song of course was recorded here in Detroit pre-Electra days and with Pat Burrows on bass and Bob Gaspar on drums were also pre-Michael Davis and Dennis Thompson.

So yes there was music from the group prior to their initial release of 69′ Kick out The Jams. Although most unreleased until 1999 when a CD called 66 Breakout brought out to life the ones recorded during 1965-66 time period.

To me this showcased even more of their talent before they really got radical and loud. And before Robert Derminer turned into Tyner.

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